The Woods REALLY DO Have Eyes!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by HauntedByWaters, Apr 10, 2008.

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    Not so fast there Buehler. Times have changed and now ALL of us can play Rock Band!
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    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Spot on! :thumb:
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    FYI -

    I don't know a damn thing about Jason B's story. I just thought I'd add some information about federal agents. Most fish and wildlife enforcement in this state is performed by state WDFW agents. However, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has about a half dozen federal special agents in WA state, and NMFS has several (I don't know how many) federal fisheries agents in WA state as well.

    It's not likely that any federal agent is working the Nooksack full time. If one is working up there, it's more likely to be part of an emphasis patrol in response to repeated tips about illegal fishing. As to why a federal agent would be involved, it's the same as when NMFS agents arrested the chinook poacher on the Skagit a few years ago. It was a guy who repeatedly flaunted the regulations intended to protect ESA listed chinook. The guy had five wild chinook, so they made an example of him, seized his fishing gear, truck, boat, trailer, the works, and fined him nearly $5,000. While it doesn't happen often, the upshot is that it can and does happen.

    I think the federal agents mostly work ESA cases along with marine mammal act violations. And they do wear bullet proof vests. The reason? Game warden and fish and wildlife enforcement is the most dangerous branch of law enforcement is what I read. They always encounter people with loaded firearms.

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    The story does sound sketchy. Not that the guy got caught, but some federal agent showed up loaded-for-bear? Couldn't the agent get away with a club.

    Either way.
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    Sloan, the agents don't carry clubs. They carry 9 mm Berettas or S&Ws.

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    I knew CH and he did flaunt it to the extreme, he lives in Idaho now, the other poacher DZ never did get caught and is now deceased. They both had the Kings dialed in when they were legal before the nets.

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    How about the part regarding indian poachers. Seems like these agents wouldn't be able to do squat - can they really go bust these guys on tribal land as was noted earlier in JB's second story?
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    Yes, federal agents can bust treaty Indians who violate the ESA and other federal laws. Examples have included Lummi Indians who killed bald eagles and claimed treaty and traditional practices, but the law is clear that they are supposed to get their eagle parts from the supply maintained by the US Fish & Wildlife Service from dead birds found and turned in, etc. Killing ESA salmon outside the restrictions imposed and allowances permitted by the section 10 fishery agreements are also enforceable actions. Remember that there is a certain amount of allowable take of most listed salmon under the ESA.

    Tribal land and reservations are federal land held in trust by the US government for Indians and tribes.

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    I was under the impression that it is the other way around. The state officials can't really do squat but the federal ones can.

    As for the big foot in those pics, I have seen one of those walking the beach on a remote portion of a WA coast beach. It was about 8 miles N. of Cape Alava, 2 miles past the mouth of the Ozette River. It was about a mile down the beach from us walking on all fours, clear day and I had binoculars. I remember thinking how that is the absolute slenderest skinniest black bear I had ever seen or heard of and how it could be easily mistook for a primate. It was spooky the way it walked and stood up on its feet to look around. We joked about it being a primate for several days after that and wish we took pictures. It has got to be a skinny slender black bear .....right? It looked just like in those pictures.

    I have heard that a bear, skinned and stripped of its fats looks startlingly like a human. Maybe these primate sightings are just skinny as hell bears?
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    I am awed by the way some of you belittle and berate folks who post here. Does not seem to matter what they post, there are a few that just cannot wait to flame and discredit. I started Fly Fishing because to the level of character that fly fishermen seemed to have. I wonder, do you treat the fish you catch the same harsh way you treat some of the folks who post here? FFS lighten up for a change. Maybe his story is true, maybe not. Either way it is not beyond possibility of fact.
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    Everyone will argue sometime, and everyone is guilty.

    Some more than others :thumb:
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    Jason, A fine usually doesn't deter a determined poacher. You're putting yourself at risk every time you go fishing with this guy. He'll get caught doing something horribly illegal and you'll be scrutinized ever so closely. If your barbs aren't smashed down enough or you left your license in the car you're getting popped as well. It's called "guilty by association". Help yourself and your friend. Let him know if he doesn't clean up his act that you'll be looking for another partner.
    A poacher and a drunk driver? You'd do well to leave this guy alone.
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    I dont know if this story is true but what I do know is that Yes there are cameras being used at spots to catch people doing things they shouldnt be If anyone is from the O.P. and ever gone up to Johnson creek area I know for a fact they are using a Very small video camera to catch people driving up the road and dumping garbage!! and its working!! so I wouldnt think it was to farfetched for fish and game to have a few cameras around. this particular story does sound bogus though!
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    I'm not sure how bad a poaching problem you all have out there but the fact that the poster had known this guy was actively poaching and did nothing about it, makes the poster IMO just as bad as the poacher himself!

    I would have no problem turning in a friend if he poached...I don't need friends like that. Matter of fact, this past year I had a friend who I took deer hunting on a ranch I have permission on. He shot the deer, hung it in the garage and left it rot because he was to lazy to butcher it up. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

    I think you need to re-evaluate the friends you keep and what you really value in life.
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    does this mean i cant carry bolt cutters with me anymore:)
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    Than you are an idiot. Hate to say it. It is thinking like that that got us the Bill of Rights in the first place. I never crossed the line in this isntance nor did a damn thing illegal.

    Thats great but your friend also sounds like an idiot.

    You are an idiot.

    I didn't post this thread to have people tell me I am guilty by association abd that I should end a friendship with a long time buddy. :beathead:
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    I agree

    Jason Thank you for posting. I understand why you posted this thread.

    1: To let us know that a good thing is hopefully and finally happening to poachers in the NW.

    2: To let any Idiots out know that their time is coming.:thumb:

    This has been a good and interesting thread to read and I know that we all have ,or had friends that do stupid things. But if we all disassociate ourselves from them for doing stupid things we would all be single lonely old men
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    Why do you have to be all derogatory and take it to name-calling. I merely stated that by you condoning his poaching brings your integrity into question.

    Its ok to be defensive about it, I probably had the same attitude when I was a kid and lacked maturity.
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    Because you just concluded I was as guilty by association among other huge insults.

    Again, you are an idiot and I would like to add I have never resorted to name calling on this forum before in all 1000+ posts and arguments I have been in so congrats.

    I never said it was okay at all. Never would....ever. Never poached EVER. In fact I said he got caught and I am happy about it because I always disagreed with him about it.

    What you are actually saying is that I am integral to all law breaking by anyone I have regular communications with or consider a friend; otherwise known as: guild by association.

    As in, before you were a lonely old curmudgeon with no friends?

    I would like to add that if you want to talk about fishing it is all good but don't go around on the internet casualling telling people how to live their personal lives (like who they should be friends with) unless you want to be called an idiot by me.