The Woods REALLY DO Have Eyes!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by HauntedByWaters, Apr 10, 2008.

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    I was in the C.O.R.T class in Mount Vernon last Saturday, and one of the WDFW agents talked about a guy they had just busted. The timing, and what details that he did give, agree what with what Jason described.

    If it is they same guy, they even told him when what kind of cany bar he ate when he was poaching.
  2. KerryS

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    I wondered what happened to that guy; Idaho huh? DZ? Ziggy? Ziggy knew how to fish. There are still a few left; Swede for one and Rocky might be another and a few more down around the forks and some up Sedro way.
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    Hey Jason, read that real close. In particular, the part where you call him an "idiot," but you don't call people names. :thumb::beathead:
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    Yeah, my point was that he is the first. I think that is pretty obvious actually :beathead:.
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    Oh ya, sorry. ptyd
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    Heh. Defending oneself on the internet is like winning the special olympics. You may feel good about it, but you're still retarded.
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    Ray, that was an unecessary metaphore. It's too bad you feel that way about the handicapped.
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    Ok everone needs a cyber group hug:D

    JasonB you still rock! even if you have now called someone a name....'bout time. :thumb:
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    Never said you were a poacher, never implied you were a poacher. Please reread my postings. What I did say was that because you knew your friend poached and you did nothing about it you are (IMO) as bad as he.

    Your complacency with the situation is what I question. At what point would you "nark" on him anonymously (which is what the turn-in poacher is...anonymous)...would you do it if he shot a deer out of season? If he sold you some sturgeon caviar he poached? If he stole some gas from the local gas-n-go? If he ran over someone while drunk driving? Would have turned in someone you didn't know if you knew they were poaching?

    I guess you have to ask yourself at what point do your principles mean more to you than the possibility of losing your friendship? From what you have said, you value friendship more than natural resources and law abiding. I, however, do not, and I am neither old, friendless, nor without integrity.

    I am quite fine with you or anyone else for that matter thinking I am an "idiot" for stating my principles. I sincerely hope your principles guide you well in your future endeavors and friendships.
  11. Daryle Holmstrom

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    Yep, you got it right Kerry, CH moved to Idaho about 5 years ago, Ziggy and I go back a long time with fishing, archery and such, too bad he drank himself to death;-(