There are times you just have to laugh out loud, this was one of them.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fredaevans, May 6, 2011.

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    Ex wife (2.0) is headed up I-5 to spend a few days (yes, we get along very well). Just got a message letting me know here progress (passing through Dunnigin, CA.

    Remembered about where the town was but gave it a Google. One link I opened had a local motel rating ... which for what ever reason I read.

    Gentlemen, and Ladies, I give you the following (stuff you just CAN'T make up):

    Hotels and Motels in Dunnigan

    Americas Best Value Inn Dunnigan - $
    3930 County Road 89, PO Box 740, Dunnigan, CA 95937
    Hotel Info | Pictures | Map | Rates - Reservations
    Rated average by verified guests
    Cheap, interstate motel near I-5, Exit 556
    2 floors, 37 rooms - no elevator - AAA 2 Diamonds
    Outdoor swimming pool
    Pet-friendly hotel - $10 per stay fee for each pet - Jun 2010
    Hotel Reviews
    Good rates - room was clean, but a bit frayed around the edges - carpet was stained - wallpaper was peeling - continental breakfast was cereal, warm milk, coffee, and tea - Apr 2011
    Room was clean - showerhead fell off and hit me in the head - staff was friendly - good place to spend a night - Jul 2010
    Easy access to the freeway - clean, basic place to stay - May 2010
    Good location - I was satisfied - Apr 2010
    Room was quiet
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    I wonder if there were any chalk outlines, inside or outside?
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    I wonder who those folks were giving the ratings? Why would you say a room is 'good' with peeling paint, warm milk and showerheads falling on you?! That's some funny stuff.
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    One does have to roll one's eyes Matt, roll one's eyes.

    I'm old enough that I rarely wonder anymore..
  5. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    My son ron and I were coming back frome fishing the high Sieras and stopped in Springfield OR to eat and after dark when we left and then decided to stop in Albany for the night we found a motel just off the freeway and behind a gas station that was open. Rates were accepable and we paid and went around to our room. the notel was two stories and there were people leaning on the railings talking to those that were down below but not us . After we got in the room we would hear people comeing and going and the high heals up and down the stairs allnight. WE hadn't missed the acivity as we found our room and so checked to see if the bed was fresh and the place not full of stains and Obvious use earlier that evening.It was so busy we left early to get home for some sleep. It had been along time since I had seen such obvious mass use as compared to MLK in Portland when they were at all the bus stops 'in broad day light. The smell on gas from the station was so strong that we were afraid that there would be some one light up and we'd never get home. It lost alot in the telling.