There's just something about cast iron...

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    Beef barley soup.
    P1020241.JPG P1020242.JPG P1020243.JPG
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  2. Got habanero cauliflower and pickled eggs to go with it...??
  3. Yes I do!

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  4. Dang you guys!
  5. 7 qts of slow simmer chlli at last weeks poker game was consumed 100%. Thanks to cast iron.
  6. Bitterroot, I had the same idea tonight - a big pot of soup.


    A cam strap came in handy for critter proofing it when I put it on the back porch to cool.

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  7. Nothin' better than home made stew & chili made in a cast iron dutch oven/pot!
  8. Maybe. Maybe not.
    How about homemade bread?
    :) photo (64).JPG
  9. Actually, the two combined make for perfection in a cold day fishing or hunting (That is, stew and bread made in a dutch oven). :)
  10. mind sharing the recipe for the habanero cauliflower? That looks aawesome!

    What is to the left in the first pic...that looks good too.

    Was the cauliflower fermented?

    How do you like your Harsch croc?

    I'm hungry now for some cali mix.
  11. Is that salsa also? Did ya ever try that recipe I posted for salsa?

    Dayum...someone's been busy.
  12. Big E,

    In the first pic from L to R is Habanero Cauliflower, Pickled eggs, Apple butter. The Habanero cauliflower was not fermented but processed in a boiling water canner. It's awesome!
    The second pic is a jar of refrigerator pickled veggies. No processing in a canner but must me kept in the fridge.

    I crack open my crock for the first time today. Hopefully all went well and I'll have my first batch of lactic acid fermented sauerkraut. Of course, I will post the results!
  13. Dutch oven bread is easy and has a terrific wow factor when we have guests over. My sister, who is a pastry chef, was even impressed.
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  14. Best bread I've ever made. Almost foolproof.
    And easy. Slicing some now for french toast.
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  15. I had to get in on the action
  16. This is a truly tasty thread. I think I'll just stare at these pictures of culinary delights until my hunger goes away.
  17. I do a lot of Dutch oven cooking and baking, but my heat source isn't a conventional oven and my kitchen is a wall tent.

    and I use coals instead of electricity which I'm ~ 35 miles away from


    for typically 12 guys, I bake entrees like this lasagna


    breads, rolls and loaves (I bake 4 loaves of bread every day for weeks)


    and desserts - cakes, pies, etc


    My kitchen that gets packed 23 miles from the trailhead into a wilderness area on mules



    The guys really enjoy the fresh bread every day


    even though our mess tent isn't all that fancy

  18. This thread was actually showing you can still use cast iron at home. Quite a few of us use camp ovens in the field. How I cut my teeth Dutch oven cooking was in a packed in elk camp as a young boy. Been doing it ever since.
  19. Actually, I started using cast iron at home just this last year with a dutch camp oven. It worked so dang well camping, I started using it in my kitchen. Then I started buying more. Now I've got more cast iron than I do reels.:)
    It's my 'go to' cookware. Not that I don't love my new pressure cooker.)

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