There's just something about cast iron...

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  1. Need any more? I'm liquidating the last of my collecting days. Only have about another 30 pieces to get rid of.

    I should add my family always used cast iron in the house. Just my first experience cooking was in camp with Grandpa and Dad.
  2. I could use some more cast iron! A camp stove/dutch oven is sorely needed. I have an enamel coated dutch oven that I got as a gift, but I want a sooty blackish brown masterpiece.
  3. Most I'm selling are pans. I'm keeping all my Dutch ovens/camp ovens. Only Dutch oven I plan on selling won't be cheap. It's an old Griswold/Wagner camp oven.

  4. I've got a good basic inventory, I think. My dutch oven is a 10" camp oven, but I'd like to get a 12 inch model (not the camp oven) for around the kitchen. Now if ONLY they would make a cast iron pressure cooker.............
  5. I'm a prostaff for Camp Chef. I have a couple Dutch ovens. ;)

    I don't think they ever made a cast iron pressure cooker Maybe a very old one maybe. But have seen old cast aluminum ones.
  6. Are you saying you have a couple of EXTRA dutch ovens? :) $?
  7. LOL. No. I use all I have and rarely turn any over. Have one antique camp oven and a bunch of misc skillets.
  8. I have a 12" skillet that was my grandpa's that I use for everything. I love that thing. I could use another depending on the price.
  9. Most will be smaller pans, under 10". Alot of egg skillets. Only one dutch oven, and it won't be cheap. But most skillets will be under $20 probably.
  10. Name a price on your biggest skillet and I'll take it.
  11. I cook with a #8 grizwald pot and 12" lodge skillet about every day. My two favorite utinsels other than my cutting board and chopping knife. On the river we use aluminum. Both work well, but I think I prefer cast iron if I had to choose and weight was no issue. Looks like some nice grub in the above posts.

    A little deep dish pizza and curried trout below on the main salmon, a little egg begals cookin on the NF John Day, some pizza an the Owyhee at Jackson Hole Camp




  12. Yeah, I agree. Was a Godsend when GSI started cranking out aluminum DO's back in the day. Sure helped. And yes, if only aluminum had the heat holding properties of cast iron. I used to carry one cast iron DO, only to bake in. Rest were some sort of aluminum style pot.

    BTW, that double handled deep skillet is pretty cool. Never seen one like that. Where'd you get it?
  13. The doubled handle "skillet" is actaully a big rectangualr DO with no legs. The lid is designed to be a griddle, the bottom is a deep dish fryer, the 2 together make the most bad as DO for cooking for 8 people you ever saw. I am surprised you never saw one, i thought you were an outfitter at one point, maybe I am mistaken. Just about all the multiday guide outfits I have ever seen have more than one of these. It was called the Rome Combo Deep Fryer (made by Rome Industries, which still makes cooking products). Unfortunately, they are no longer made, and haven't been for several years. They are nearly impossible to find used, I have actually never seen a used one for sale, and I have been looking cause I want another one for backup for bigger groups. What I heard was that the casting mold degraded to such a degree that the lid and bottom didn't fit together well, and the cost to re-make the casting mold was not justified by the revenue stream of selling them. So they scrapped production. This was probably about 4 or 5 years ago if my memory is correct.
  14. I worked for an outfitter, was just a hired hand. I rowed a cargo boat and used my own gear most of the time. But never saw one like that. I did have a big oval roaster made by Wagner that served same purpose, just didn't have handles like that, so used vise grips for handles. Do you know where the foundry was?
  15. I don't know where the foundry is, but this is the company:

    The casting mold story was told to me by who ever I spoke with. I actually called this company to inquire if they had any plans of making more in the future. Not sure how much integral knowledge that person actually had though. I called them probably 3 years ago or so.
  16. Molds rarely go bad. I used to collect cast iron and did a lot of research on how they're made. A lot of the originals are usually bakelite or wood. Then make the sand molds from there. You should go to the Wagner & Griswold collectors site and put up a want ad. May take a bit but you'd be surprised what these guys and gals have in their collections. I needed pieces for a restaurant waffle maker and got the parts within a few months. Search under WAGs. You may even find the guy who originally cast it on the site since they are a newer foundry in the cast iron world.
  17. Unfortunately, I am aware of the site you posted. I called Don Gleasons a few years ago. This is an old webpage from when they used to stock these when there were still in production, and the product is not available. Like I said, trust me, it isn't made any more. I actually got the one I currenlty have from Don Gleasons, one of the few they had left before the ran out of the final production run.

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