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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Mitchell, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Really cool pic.
  2. That's a great picture and a hell of a story. I would have liked to have been fishing with a buddy (you don't have to outrun the cat...just your friend) just to be safe. Roughly where was this?
  3. Wow, once in a lifetime experience!

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  4. You are indeed a very lucky person to have seen a very reclusive and wonderful creature! Cherish it forever.
  5. What river?
  6. You gotta wonder if he gave it some thought :eek:.
  7. I'd be feeling less lucky to see it than I would about getting back to my vehicle safely lol.
  8. Very cool! I have been lucky enough to see two in the wild. Awesome you actually had time to snap a shot. They are usually gone a second or two after you see them.
  9. very cool, i saw one once in whatcom county while grouse hunting, gave me a good once over and jogged down the logging road while i fumbled for my camera phone
  10. Great shot!
  11. No need for a gun. All you really need is one of these. It will confuse the hell out of any cougar that you encounter. : )

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  12. Very nice!
    Consider the experience a gift.
  13. I'll tell you one thing is that if and when you hear one of those cats. You will get back in your rig and leave the area.

    I was up on Pilchuck Creek one summer day by my lonesome. Up where Bear Creek runs in. I was doing my own thing such as casting and trying to catch a few fish. I heard this big cat make it's sound. I ignored it the first time but the second time it was closer. I packed up and left the area. I didn't even try to find where it came from, I just left.

    I've been banging around in the woods fishing in Washington State for over 50 years. In that time in the woods you see many things.

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