They opened the lower river.....

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    Fish were caught, small but feisty and wild......
    ....more than one....
    Occupy Skagit's field office....handling rejection well....wildcatters telling WW sorry but, no support
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    I didn't know that Jerry Garcia fly fished.
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    Wildcatters not supporting a Skagit C&R fishery? No suprise there-

    The apple is a nice touch, even if the 'cats didn't bite. :)
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    Then they can't fish when win!

  5. bennysbuddy

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    what kind of reel is WW useing ?
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    Nice pictures, thanks for the update.
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    At one time many years ago the wildcatters did have some political clout. Not so much today. Their last big political play that I remember was about 15 years or more ago when they sponsored a bill in the WA state house of reps to ban wading in the Skagit River. Didn't pass. Note I said a bill in the house of reps, not a WDFW regulation. I may not remember all the details of this but I think I am close.
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    That's okay...Jerry didn't know either...
  10. _WW_

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    Lower river open?
  12. hedburner

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    Just checked. Now I have some purpose. Clousers and 2 foot and bigger char.
  13. Derek Young

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    Jerry's father died while fly fishing in N. California, and he witnessed it. I would imagine that much of that personal pain is well-expressed in the many lyrics that are so reflective of a life (and death) on the river.
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    Jerry Garcia's father drowned while fishing for steelhead in the Trinity River.
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    WW, you really need to buy some modern fly gear... that prewar stuff is out dated!!!!