They thought I was crazy

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  1. For the last year I've been dreaming of a 2wt spey rod to fish my favorite small trout river. I was having issue find one and when I inquired about a 2wt spey they would just look at me like I was crazy. Ed Megill a spey fanatic and co owner of the Confluence Fly Shop didn't look at me as a crazed lunatic but just smiled and said "I know a guy". Ed hooked me up with Skagit Spey Custom Rods. After a few phone calls and 4 week my 2-3-4 11 foot rod with custom cork and reel seat showed up. I could not believe the attention to detail and high quality of the workmanship. I paired it with a Ross Vexis 1.5 reel and 240 grain airflow compact Scandi line and off to the river. The rod castes like a dream and had no problem placing the fly at the far bank. Here's a picture of rod and its first fish. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376957748.154297.jpg
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  2. What line did you put on it? I have a 3/4 switch rod and ended up with a DT6F for it.
  3. Very cool! Do you know what blank they used? I was looking at the Meiser 3-4-5 builders kit.
  4. Sweet !!
    I have an ACR 12ft , 3 weight that I love using .
  5. I'm using the Airflo 240grain compact.
    No sure on the blank but you can't go wrong with the Meiser. I have the 5/6 Meiser switch and it a great rod.
  6. Fantastic looking rod. That would be a BLAST to fish with
    Hmmmmmmm......... trout spey :)
  7. Cork is very nice.
  8. You are crazy, but it doesn't have anything to do with your choice of fishing gear.

    Ed Dahl
  9. I don't think you are crazy but I fish with WW, the master of light weight 2 handers.
  10. I have absolutely fallen in love with throwing flies to gulpers with my trout Spey. There are a few companies that make TRUE trout speys. I have a Beulah and its perfect. I also considered the mieser 3-4. I see it in my future. Now start throwing fatty sculpins and you will pull large predatory fish from the runs!
  11. I tried out the ACR 3 wt. at the Spey Clave last year. He brought only one (purchased by a friend that instant) and it was outstanding!:)
  12. Steve ... mine is an older model that has been discontinued - I believe . Which is a real shame , as it`s actually two rods in one . It comes with an extra butt section , and when paired up with the top two sections of the spey rod , it becomes a 9 foot 4 weight single-hander .

    It`s very good when configured as a single-hander , but it is outstanding as a spey rod .

    And the best part is , I`ll be using it today on the mighty Thompson .:cool:
  13. Neat looking rod. If my shoulders keep on sliding into the abyss, that might be a future rod for me!
  14. I've had a couple switch rods built by Skagit Custom and had excellent results. I broke one after a few years of use and he built me a brand new upgraded rod for $75 in about a week. I far as performance goes I don't have anything to compare them with but they catch fish for me.
  15. mmmmm , me and my manitou bamboo 2 hander are wayyyyyyy jealous ,very nice smitty:D

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