Thin Mint Wolly Bugger

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Chef, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. I have been tying some of these tonight but curious as to what colors to use for the tail. I cant find a recipe on line.

    Also.... this fly calls to use multi color marabou but I am having a ahrd time combining all the colors. Should I use a hair stacker?
  2. Remember that Petijean Magic Tool? I can stack two or three types of maribou in there, clip it off leaving just a tiny bit exposed and slip it into a dubbing loop. I would hate to think of the torment of putting removed barbs of maribou into a hair stacker. It might work, but I'm not trying it!
  3. its for the tail, not ribbing.
  4. Pinch off a bit of whatever color or colors suit you and just use the fingers to line them up. make sure the tip ends are all equal, if the clipped ends are not you can trim them or tie them in as is.
  5. Chef,
    If you use the tip of the Marabou feather for the tail, the ends should all align. I suggest tying in the various colors separatly, using the tip of strung marabou feather for each color.
  6. Ed's advise is correct. One of the leeches I tie has a dual colored tail of black and olive marabou. I take a pinch of olive and lay it down on my pants leg then take a pinch of black, lay it on top of the olive, then another layer of olive. Tie it onto the hook for a tail, I end up with an olive tail with a black center. The fish really seem to like it and the fly looks pretty cool. Brown and olive works well too.
  7. Brown and burnt orange, black and burnt orange, brown and tan, brown and golden/dark yellow. All nice blends besides the black and olive.
  8. If I tried to do any of that I 'd be covered in marabou strands and wouldn't know where to start trying to clean up. Wouldn't get any of it on the hook and would probably lose the hook at least until it stuck me.
  9. Nothing holds maribou better than a bit-o-saliva. Holds it in place until you are ready to let it go.
  10. True that. Bit-o-spit helps with several materials/techniques.
  11. good idea.
  12. The Thin Mints I've always tied up have a tri-colored tail of Olive, Black, and Brown. The body is peacock herl (or substitute), palmered with brown hackle and counter-wrapped with gold wire. Gold bead head.
  13. The three colors i use is orange, olive, and brown. I always use the tips of the maribou and tie them in seperatly.
  14. Forgive me, I can't stop myself... Chef, it's "woolly" not "wolly". Sorry, not trying to be Mr Spellcheck, but I am wound a bit too tight when it comes to spelling.
  15. "wound a bit too tight"...if that's true I'll have to apologize for all my mis-spellings. Between my spelling and my typing, there's no telling what might hit the page!
    I remember my very first post. Dick Olmstead corrected me on the way I tried to communicate a point. I got a good laugh out of it but also watched closer from then on.
    I used to consider myself edumacated, don't know what happened there!
  16. I agree. This is how I tie them.
  17. I really like the peacock on the fly. I tried it a few ways to compare but at the end of the day, I like the peacock.

    Stew: Thanks bro. I need help with spelling. I cook... I bake... I fish... but I cant spell! :)
  18. I was told a long time ago that any fly using peacock herl WILL catch fish.:rofl:

    And also the spelling is...Woolley. As in Sedro-Woolley :rofl:
  19. As messed up as I get I think I need to get the saliva in bulk quantities. I can't produce it myself as my latest medication is to dry me up and I can't get enough to wet my mouth. and I can get the maribou Floating in clouds around me.

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