Thinamabobbers kind of suck. What's better?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JesseC, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I fished these with John the guy who created them on the Beaverhead this fall, and if you put the balloon on right you can't pop the thing off nor will it lose air. We threw 2-4 3/0 spilt shot's and little nymphs all day and the only time we lost air was when an errant cast went into the bushes and popped the Balloon. They did however not help him out fish his wife :)

    I think the depth-skru trapped air bobber is the best one out there right now as well, easy to use and never flies off ever. Been fishing them since last June and won't use anything else.
  2. I have really only started nymphing regularly since moving to CO a couple of years ago. I really dislike thingamabobbers. I have tried multiple colors and sizes but I just have not become comfortable using them.

    I have had the most success with are the hothead indicators (link in post above), but they tend to have the same issues as the thingamabobbers. However their profile and color (I like the black w/ yellow top) seem to spook less fish in areas with heavy fishing pressure.

    I am thinking of going back to no indicator nymphing (what I did when I nymphed on rare occasions before moving here). I may even just try those old school pinch on foam deals. Since I jump to dries/emergers as soon as the opportunity arises, I am thinking those would be the easiest to remove quickly and I am thinking they would solve the issues mentioned in the initial post?? Anybody use these? Adjusting them for depth seems like the biggest issue since they stick together on the line directly.
  3. I didnt take the time to really read most replies, but I draw a line around the thinga's with a black sharpie to show which way my line is pulling.
  4. Quill floats are the best no doubt, they are killed when used on a centerpin set up. But are impossible to cast with a fly rod my solution has been to quit tring to fly fish with a float and just use a centerpin set up or my snoopy rod when I want to gear fish.
  5. Joe, I saw those on you tube they look pretty cool. I'll have to look around for em !!
  6. Bingo
  7. I'm not using one until they come up with an app on my phone.
  8. Are you kidding me? Tie a #4 on that thing and swing it! :clown:
  9. Single handed jedi master! I Love it. Makes me feel good that you guys are talking about nymphing with no bobber. Progress....

    YT, boober enthusiest
  10. Joes trying to throw everyone off the true jedi guide secret. I hear if you toss a hello kitty sticker on a thingamabobber steelhead beach themselves trying to yank it under.
  11. I am not saying there is anything wrong with bobber fishing, I do it myself (as little as possible) nymphing for trout but I personally seem to be offended with this applied to steelhead. In the first place when we use bobbers, whether foam, balloons, whatever we r BOBBER fishing. That is fine but it is not flyfishing just as using a weighted bobber with a fly and spinning reel is not flyfishing. As I said I only seem to have a problem when this is applied to steelhead, not sure why but there it is. If you want to flyfish for steelhead u should do that, if u want to bobber fish then just use the proper reel and line and call it what it is, bobber fishing. Let's face it the reason people fish bobbers for steelhead withflyrods is because they don't have actually use any skill , just lob the bobber out there any way u can and wait for the fish and bobber to do all the work. It is a seductive method as it makes so easy to get a fish. Back when I guided (drift fisherman) long before flostfishing with bobbers was popular I would routinely rig a bobber setup for wives, kids and girlfriends ...cause it takes almost no fishing skill compared to other methods. Again I realize I am hopping on the elitist wagon here and I am not one but I honestly can't help being a little upset when I see bobber fisherman on the NF stilly... If u want to bobber fish head for reiter. When I began flyfishing steelhead , on the stilly in the early seventies, it was a huge personal triumph to stop tossing eggs at summer runs and fly fish them even though all my trout fishing for trout had be ff for quite a while. I am not really saying anyone is doing anything wrong just that I don't like to see it used on steelhead. I also don't try to fool myself when using a float on trout...I know I am bobber fishing not flyfishing. I gues it is the same argument that a crossbow is not bowhunting. Sorry had to get that off my chest
  12. Hello Kitty combined with the understanding of what a drag free drift is without your bobber having a flag to tell you certainly helps. :)
  13. You're beating a dead horse from a long, tired, drawn out debate. I don't care your opinion of what I do. I swing 90% of the time. I nymph and gear fish the other 10%. Don't say I don't have "skill" because I use these methods. I think that my ability to adapt and be more diverse as an ANGLER makes me more skilled than I would be if I clung to a narrow minded view of how to cover the water.

    Don't turn this thread in to what every other thread about nymphing turns in to. Jesse started this thread for advice about indicators... If you have nothing to contribute to his question, then keep it to yourself. If you want to debate it, start your own thread. I don't care if it's fly fishing or not; when I do it, I enjoy it.
  14. Wait my mind is melting. I thought if you attach the bobber and lob it out into the river you just reel in epic steelheads all day? Am I not correct!!?? :confused:
  15. That's word on the street. Bobbers = steelheadz jumpin in the boat. Lob and set! Simple as that!
  16. I am sorry if this has been covered before I did not know, I had hoped I made it clear I was not criticizing the technique as such but mostly remarking on my reaction to it as far as steel heading goes. I was surprised that it affects me this way as I am not an elitist least never have been. perhaps u use that method because u envoy it, that's fine , I personally use a bobber for trout as an easier way to catch fish than FF. Simply my personal take on this and I don't expect anyone to care or agree. Some drift fisherman don't like pulling plugs some FF only use dries. That is all fine and their business I also was not saying u or anyone else has no skill, how would I know? What I was saying is a bobber that suspends a weighted fly at a certain depth is easier than the other methods we can use. At least I find bobbers easier. If I pulled that highjacking the thread thing I will watch that in the future, I am not too up on forum etiquette.

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