Things are looking up (pun intended)

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Shawn West, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Shawn West

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    Due to weather (wind) conditions and travel, I have not fished for bass since July 4th. A couple of friends and I tried to fish the Gorge last week, but the "9 mph winds" were creating whitecaps. We ended up fishing Goose Lake for trout. Fishing for stocker trout, even with a 2wt rod, is nothing short of boring.

    I found a site that appears to give a more accurate prediction of the winds in the Gorge. That site is The forecast was predicting mild wind conditions for the lake I wanted to target. I called my buddy Steve to see if he could come along. Given the fact that I only gave him about an hours notice, I was surprised he could make it. The plan was to target LMB. If they were not cooperating, we would cross the road and fish the lake on the south side of the freeway and target SMB.

    We arrived at the lake to find perfect conditions. There was a slight chop on the water. I started out with a black bugger and got a few short strikes. My guess was that these were bluegill. I eventually switched to a Clouser and landed a 10" LMB. I decided to check the temperature of the water. It was 76 degrees. Off came the Clouser and on went a popper. It was not long before I had landed 6 LMB. All were in the 9" - 11" range. I made my way over to Steve to see if he had any poppers. Being new to bass fishing, he did not have any. I gave him one of mine and advised he use a fixed loop knot. After a little instruction on how to fish a popper, Steve was into fish. There was a time where I stopped fishing just so I could be entertained watching Steve catch bass on the surface for the first time.


    It was beginning to get dark, so I started working my way towards the launch. I made a cast to good looking location. After about three chugs, a nice bass slammed my popper and snapped me off. Argh!!! I tied on a new popper with a deeper cupped face so that it would make a little more noise. I made a cast right back where I lost the previous fly. A couple of strips of the fly and I had a nice fish on. It ended up being an 18" LMB. After releasing the fish, I noticed my lost popper in a weed bed. I managed to rescue my lost fly. Yeah! We caught a few more fish, but it just got too dark to continue fishing.


    This was a very good day on the water. This was Steve's first LMB. The wind cooperated and the fish were looking up. It is hard to beat that combination.

  2. Patrick Gould

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    Great report Shawn. I love Bass fishing, especially top water.

    BTW: Whitecaps appear at 12 knots (about 13 mph) of wind so they weren't that far off.
  3. jwg

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    "...I decided to check the temperature of the water. It was 76 degrees. Off came the Clouser and on went a popper. It was not long before I had landed 6 LMB.

    You apparently have a rationale about water temperature and poppers. Could you elaborate? More surface fishing for bass when the water is warmer, perhaps?

  4. Clay Carney

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    Good report and sounds like a good day. We need to meet up sometime.
  5. Shawn West

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    Jay...Once the water temperature gets above 72 degrees, I look to fish the surface with poppers, divers, and sliders. This is especially true during low light conditions (prior to sunrise and sunset). I have caught bass on the surface in colder water, but it is slow going. The warmer water conditions increase the metabolism in the bass. I have never really done much moonlight fishing, but I hear it can be a hoot during a full moon.

    Clay...I will try to send a PM with my contact info. Would love to chase bass with you one of these days.