Things that just go together:

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Kulikov, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Fly Tying and Cold Smoke Scotch Ale...just saying.

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  2. Fly tying, The Offspring, and a cold glass of lemonade.
  3. I was bored and drinking the other night (terrible combination!) and started tying flies. I thought that I was making works of art, then woke up the next morning and was like "WTF? Did the cats get into my tying stuff?" Unfortunately, my tying isn't so great to begin with so there isn't too much difference between sober ties and 5 IPA ties.:(
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  4. Good scotch, a good cigar, a lawn chair and a Montana stream!!!
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  5. Brown liquor and ice.
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  6. I used to drink Bourbon and water. But not so much anymore.
  7. You may just find that it's those IPA ties that catch the most fish...

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  8. Peaches and Herb!
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  9. Retirement & not enough time for all the projects I have in the works so I'm free to fish all spring & summer.
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  10. When I was your age, it was the same, except I don't like lemonade. Now it's fly tying, beer, and boob toob
  11. No lemonade! What bout' an Arnold Palmer?
  12. LOL!!
  13. There
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  14. Second only to Fly Fishing and Cold Smoke Scotch Ale
  15. What's up wit the peaches
  16. Lay's Potato Chips and Onion Dip
  17. mans + laughter

  18. Bacon and anything else!
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  19. I drink Bourbon and water.. minus the water!
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  20. Fleshlight and camping. I mean... flashlight.

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