Things that just go together:

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Kulikov, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Fireball and Apple Cider. It is like liquid apple pie.
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  2. I've got a bottle of some Midwestern home brew "apple pie". Pretty much just everclear with cider and fireball. Way to sweet, but cut with some cheap bourbon it's pretty good.
  3. a Arnold Palmer & everclear rocks my boat..
  4. Chili cheese dog and cold beer
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  5. Hibbidy dibbidy and a nap.
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  6. No! You've gotta keep 'em separated!
  7. Driving and the Ramones
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  8. But, together it's mind blowing! Gotta try it, tried it today, tied an awesome mouse pattern.

    Come Out & Play...
  9. Captain and Tennille
  10. A blazing camp fire, a cold micro-brew, and good friends.
  11. Fenwick rods and Pfleuger Medalists, like peanut butter and jelly.
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  12. These 2 !
  13. Scotch and cigars! With friends on the water!
  14. Nerds and Tapatalk?
  15. Take a small glass, add some ice, a hefty shot of booze with a dash of water. Stir. But don't stir to fast as you don't want to bruise the booze. If it is good booze, it goes down easy. If it is bad booze you might need more water.
  16. No need for Fireball in it. Cut it from the batch add a good apple juice, Local cider and some spices

    Apple pie and cold weather steelheading is a great pair
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  17. rising trout and dry flies.
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  18. Is your knowledge of fleshlights first hand?
  19. Head lice and Kwell
    Albendazole and parasitic worm infestations
    New black t-shirt and new black belly button lint
    Watching botfly larva removal vids on youtube and wanting to vom
  20. Sex dungeons and big browns.

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