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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Bagman, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Dan you are way ahead of me in the shots in the elbow. I feel for you I know what the one that I had was like.
    I came on this forum because I thought it would be like another forum that I was a major part of for 8 or 9 years. That was It was a place where newbies could ask questions about different types of long boards. I as an old time longboader I did all I could to give as much information to the new guys about the equipment and how use it. There are some real great guys on this forum, but I'm sure there are a lot more out there that just hang and try to get info on where to go get fish. If more people loosen up and just try and be helpful this could be a great place to learn what fly fishing is all about. On the Cut thread a guy had a nice pix of a hog on the deck of an alum boat. A guy told him it was not a good thing, but he did it nicely. This is how we new guys learn don't tear us a new one when we make a mistake. We are not trying to do things wrong at least I'm not anyway.
  2. I see this threads last post was nearly a month ago but I'd like to ask Bagman if things have gotten better for him.

    I am a bit of a newbie at tossing flies and am still spending more time in the water perfecting my form as opposed to catching fish! I'm pretty good at catching cutts on hardware but I'm trying to learn how to get 'em on a flyrod.

    Fortunately I don't experience the physical problems that the Bagster does but I still get a bit frustrated when my cast devolves and the fly plops down about 15 feet in front of me with wind-knots in the line! I know it's my form (especially back-cast, I expect and maybe I'll buy a lesson or two) but I continue to work at it. Hopin' that Bagman is out there and nailin' some fish in our Kitsap area!!!
  3. With the cold and tides not being the best I'm not in the water as much as I would like. I got a few hints from some of the guys and put my 8 wt away as well as not casting for 2 to 3 hrs trying to make sure I had a fly in the water when a Sliver swam by. With all of this the elbow does not hurt much. I have not been bring fish to hand but still having a good time. I've ordered a few new books and will read them to see if I can learn some good habits and break some bad once.
  4. I met up with Steve Saville week before last. He show me a few things about switch rod casting. I bought a 12 foot 5/6 wt switch rod and matched it up with one of the reels that I had some WF9F line on. Total cost less then $300. I have found the two hand casting to be much easier on my elbow. I'm still working on my single handed casting. I try and put in 20 to 30 min a day on the lawn. I have spent some time with a casting teacher who pointed out many of my bad habits. The Chum Fry are moving I'm going to scare some Sea Runs tomorrow morning.

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