Thinking of getting a spey rod.

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  1. Here is what I have come up with for a money saving spey set up.

    Cabela's has a 13' 10wt. 4 pc rod (two handed) for $210
    Phluger has an entry level reel that is 79.00 it's a 10 wt. 4.25 inch. dia.
    the above mentioned reels seems like it would hold a spey line.

    SA wind-cutter spey line approx 80.
    besides leaders tippet flies and some other odds and ends, what else would I need? Has anyone had a bad experience with any of these products?
    If you are going to recommend a different product, remember that it is only a possibility if the price is around what I have found thus far.
    If this set up sucks, let me know I will wait. otherwise I would like to buy it.
    I haven't seen any cheaper reels out there, is there something you would recommend
  2. Assume you are using it for steelhead fly fishing winter runs ?

    You will get lots of input but we need to know what you want a 10 wgt spey rod sounds like a salmon application to me. For steelhead something in the 8/9 wgt range and 13-14 feet is the norm for winter steelheading with tips etc.

    Is that the Plueger Trion reel you are looking at ? Heard good things about it but no direct experience myself


  3. If you're looking at a Trion, I work in a shop that sells them and we have had quite a bit of positive feedback on these reels.

    I would go with the 12 wt model to hold the line you are looking at. It is about $20 more I think, but would hold the line and backing you would be looking for.

    I have a reel rated for 250yds of #30 and 11wt WF lined with 200yds of #30 and a 550 skagit w/factory RL that is about full once the 15 ft WC tips are on just to give you an idea of how the capacities can vary between the two line systems.
  4. I cant say I've heard anything about Cabelas spey rods. I didnt even know they made them. I doubt its a good rod, and at 13' 10wt it might be a bit of a lightning rod. Why not pay a little bit more and get a TFO, or an Echo. A good friend of mine told me he thinks the Echo 8 wt is the best quality skagit rod per dollar made. With that in mind, I would suggest saving your money. While spey rods are useful tools, they can also be burdensome, and a distraction from learning to steelhead. I would say spend some serious time on the water with your current set up and learn how to steelhead, and a spey may be the logical next step. Folks caught lots of steelhead long before spey rods became en vouge. I love mine, but the foundation for catching the fish has to be there, otherwise its just a trendy piece of equipment. Just my .02.
    PS-Pflugers Rock
  5. Ok I have the magazine in front of me now, I have some corrections to make and things to ad.
    1. is I was looking for an all around salmon/steelhead rod.
    2. it's not a 13' 10wt. It's a 14' 9/10 wt.
    3 the reel is a pflueger but not the trion, I guess that I should have mentioned that, it's a new reel called the "Summit."
    So, that it was a bit off. But, if you get a chance. maybe input your new thoughts if you have any.
  6. Hmmmm... Well for TreeFiddy I would sell you a Dec Hogan signature 14ft 9 weight rod, a Cortland 200D Magnum reel, and a Midspey Line. This is pro level outfit. You'd have to pick it up. I'm offering you this because of your Avatar. I have no idea who those people are, or who you are in the picture, but anyone who has a picture like that is probably a good guy... Oh, I mean it people. Don't be asking me for the same price.
  7. Jump on it Frank!
  8. The people in the avatar. From left is Michael, me in the middle and Pat on the right, Micheal's brother. My girlfriend took the picture somewhere in Portland, the same day we finished the STP bike ride.
    Of all the events, climbs (rock and mountaineering), camping, fishing....everything... the STP is the most fun I think I have ever had!!!!!!
  9. That is a smokin' deal hope it works out for you, let us know...
  10. Frank, I also think you should jump on Philster's offer!
  11. Thanks guys, I really do think it's a good deal. Aaron at the spey shop said it was a good deal too, though he thought since I have never casted a spey rod I shouldn't go out and buy one till I try spey casting first. He said he has see this to many times, people go out and buy one and not like it. So, Sat. I am going to join him on the Tolt for a free (did I mention Free :rofl: ) spey class. Should be fun.
  12. I agree with Aaron's advice. You will have a good time Sat. and learn a great deal.
    Tell Philster you want a test drive. He understands the process of picking a spey rod and I'm sure he would be open to that idea.
  13. Unfortunately the deal has moved on to another deserving soul... I truly believe that the Dec Hogan 9-14 is one of those automatic rods. Like the Sage 9140-4, but without the inherent tip issues that makes that rod tough on single speys unless the line is dialed in just right. Just grab a windcutter or delta, and just about anyone can fish out to 70 feet immediately. To others in Frank's shoes, if someone offers you a killer deal on the Dec Hogan, or a loop yellow 9-14, just say yes.

    As to test drives. I ain't a shop. I acknowledge the need to get your hands on as many rods as you can to make your choice, but if you break my rod, it F***s up my whole day. A dealer has avenues for replacement that I don't. Heck with a 5 and 7 year old, just getting to UPS is like Moses in the desert... Or considering my current situation like Bird at the antarctic...:eek:
  14. Frank, a couple of thoughts. First, for a 'first spey rod' a 10wt is over kill and appropriate for winter water flow fishing 'only.' As mentioned above, stick with a 8/9 wt rod for more of an "all-rounder" for fishing summer and winter.

    Can you give me a link to "it's a new reel called the "Summit?" Only Pflueger by that name I can recall was an old-timer level wind. I'd also recommend the larger reel size mentioned by PDM above. Sooner or later you will want to line your rod with something other than the WC. A larger reel (capacity) will probably be a requirement.
  15. Opps, duplicate post.
  16. Go to Cabela's web site ...punch in Pflueger Summit and you will see the fly reel mentioned. This is the only place I have seen/heard of it.
  17. See lots of input since I first posted. But try some one different ones before you buy at a local fly shop that allows try outs.

  18. Have to admit to feeling a bit 'silly;' their catalog came in yesterday's mail .. and guess what ......:hmmm: Sheesh. Rather a nice looking 'bit o' kit.'
  19. OK, Went to the Tolt and threw a line around for a bit with a friend and Aaron. What a nice guy, free class, his equipment and did I mention the class was free! I really think I need to take another class though. I felt a little awkward and by the time I started to get the hang of the basic cast, my toes separated from my feet, good thing I have glue at home. ;)
    The rod we casted that day was a 13' and some change, I think it was an 8 or 9 wt. There is some serious work ahead, as far as me learning to cast a spey right, but I think it's an easier cast then slinging an 8 or 9 wt single handed rod.
    Philster, Thanks again for the offer, I didn't pm you because I see another deserving soul got it. But thanks again.
    I think if Aaron is going to teach me to cast I'll see what he has for sale first then make a decision, did I mention the class is free! :thumb:

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