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  1. My latest pass at an intruder style fly. On a 50mm Waddington, floss body. My favorite steelie colors.


    Little more information..

    -Hook attached with 30# Dacron and Fl. Orange thread.
    -Rear dubbing ball is an orange sparkle dubbing (I don't recall which brand, my dubbing are in -unlabled boxes).
    -Rear hackle is burned goose, dyed orange.
    -Body is black 4 strand floss, with flat gold tinsel rib
    -Under wing is black buck tail, tied one clump on top and one on the bottom (not spun)
    -Next layer is peacock herl, tied in as pairs. Every 45 degrees (side, top, other side, bottom). Two layers
    -Next layer is a pair of black spey hackles (whiting). Tie in one, wrap/palmer, then tie in second and repeat.
    -Last part fo the collar is a "bird fur" hackle (sub good marabou would be OK).
    -Two nasty long grizzly hackles tied in over each dumbbell eye (big gap between the hackles when looking down on the fly.
    -Same orange sparkly dubbing for covering the dumbbell eyes.

    Yesterday I was able to cast this with a 10' 8wt Ion, using a 5wt. Short Scandi line (320gr). But poorly. I got it to lay out straight one of 5 casts. Seems about right for an intruder. Should be great on the 2 hander with a Skagit. I think if the head were 380-400, it would have tossed the fly fine. 320 (with a long stiff stick) was just on the edge.
  2. I would fish it. It looks like it would be a nice choice for winter coastal steel.
  3. Great fly.
  4. Nice tie.

    Question on your stinger hook there a reason why you did this the way you did vs the conventional manner? What happens when you wish to replace the hook on the you have similarly tied hooks with you?
  5. Interesting you should ask :)

    Honestly, its mostly random experimentation, and I like the way it looks. Should the hook become mutilated enough i neede to swap it out, id cut it off. The I use another Owner #2 and surgical tubing to rig it in a more conventional, over the body style. But when i get home i would likely reattach a dacron/fireline attached stinger.

    I'm just odd, not much else to it :)

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