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    Yup, The THIRD Annual AATF Swap Meet. We'll host the event, but its all your gear! Bring your old gear & trade, buy or sell. From 12-4PM at All About the Fly. There's always great stuff; gear for Lakes, Reels & Rods, Tying materials... last year there were a couple of sweeeeeet Spey Reels...

    Where: All About the Fly
    When: Saturday, March 27 12-4PM
  2. jcalderon

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    Did you have to put it so close to the baby's due date? Of all people, I thought YOU would understand!
  3. robbbos

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    Sounds great! Looking forward to it.
  4. FlyShopKristin

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    Are you ready to SWAP!!!? Hopefully, you spent last weekend cleaning out the gear closet... seeing what you needed & what you don't!

    See you this coming Saturday!!