This amazing state, during prime time and no steelhead updates?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Ditka, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Ditka New Member

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    Just a quick note to see if anyone in here has casted to native fatties in recent days. Or is this a trout page?

  2. Big Ben Guest

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    Kalama was a little high and fast but I gave it an hour with a sink tip and a Polar shrimp. Nuthin' doin but still nice to get out.
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    Might as well go to Olympia and cast you line in the hall in front of WDFW. Try to hook one of the weasels that reside there (notice I didn't use the word work). Tell them that since there's no fish and all you do is cast these days, you thought there might be something from the hatcheries out in the hall. Be sure to set your hook hard if a pantleg is seen near your fly. They are a sucker for something green, as in tax dollars for nothing.
  4. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    what do i know, im just a kid

    sad, but true my friend....:beathead :bawling :dunno
  5. Matt Burke Active Member

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    I did fish the Sol Duc for 6 hours on Monday. It just dumped rain the entire time and very gusty. The river was in great shape and very fishable. Went to five different spots without a bite. Only saw about 20 to 25 boats. Drove back to Port Angeles that afternoon. When I hit the city limits, the rain stopped, sky was blue and it was about 70. Checked in with Dave at Waters west and he said there had been over a hundred boats each day on the weekend. Got a feeling that Monday is not the best day. Later on in the week is best as the fish recover from the shock of so many fisherman. I didn't post because I had really nothing to report.


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