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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by WA-Fly, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. This is it! this is the year I am going to catch a steelhead from the Skykomish. This year I plan to put in a lot of hours and fish all the most likely spots that I have learned from my friends who are Skykomish steelhead fishing veterans, wish me luck.
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  2. Good luck.
  3. No bait allowed
  4. Go ahead and send that list of spots on over...and good luck.
  5. The thing im learning with sky is there is the spots that peoole openly talk about. But there is bucket within the bucket that hold those hatch tueda
  6. WA-Fly,

    What's so special about this year? If I was going to pick a year to catch a steelhead from the Sky, I'd try to pick a year with a good return.

  7. New Skykomish River goal: try to catch a steelhead before your vehicle gets broken into.
  8. It's not that it is special, I am just going to put all of my fishing time into catching a steelhead from the Sky because I never have
  9. I guess I failed at this on the Sky ...
  10. Beautiful river with some amazing runs to swing. Learn a couple really well at all water levels and it'll happen. Pick a mostly black wiggly fly and enjoy the casting. Eventually something shiny will grab it and you will be a hero.
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  11. I did that! Not on a fly though, so it doesn't count I guess. There was plenty of glass in the parking lot next time I showed up.

  12. I like this….. Will definitely ease the pressure…. Until you surprisingly hook up one and all hell breaks loose..


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