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  1. dflett68

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    the little seepage pond i fish coming and going from work has been an interesting study for me this spring. as i have posted, i've been picking up a nice variety of species and trying to keep some for the tank at home. lmb, black crappie, pumpkinseed, green sunfish, and yellow perch have all come to hand in the last two weeks. this pond is very small, and i've caught all of the fish from a surface area of no more than 150 square feet, i would estimate. in spite of this, friday everything just turned off. if i had prospected the place with a spinner that day for the first time, i would have guessed concluded it was barren. the day before i had strikes on virtually every cast.

    i wondered if it was water temp, cause it had gotten cold for a couple days before. wondered also if it could be bigger bass moving into the shallower water to spawn and scaring the panfish and smaller bass off. tried friday morning, friday night, saturday afternoon - not one bump and no sign of fish. then this morning, i tried again, nothing. walking back to the car along shore i saw a swirl in the reeds and then 3 cruising lmb, larger than any i have seen so far. aha. leaning toward the theory that these larger fish have moved in to spawn and evicted the smaller ones.

    naturally i had to try for the big boys. picked this one up right away on a brown bead-head bugger:

    as i took a couple pics with the phone and then unhooked him, i noticed a meaningfully-sized caudal fin protruding from his throat. grabbed the forceps, and:

    now i know there's at least one more species of fish in this little pond. who can tell me what it is? shiner? chub?

    thanks all,
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  2. zen leecher aka bill w

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    I would call that a golden shiner but I didn't think they were out here in WA.
  3. dflett68

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    i didn't either. but after looking at a few pics on google, that's what it seems to be. surprised me. when i saw the tail i figured it would be a young perch or sunfish.
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    oh man i have some copperish\pinkish metallic looking buggers in my box at home that would be a dead ringer for that.

    As far as the bite turning on and off like that I am experiencing the same thing down here in renton, last week I was into them hard, then friday and saturday I couldnt buy a bite. Yesterday I went out but when I saw the dragonflys were hatching I ended up fishing for trout with a nymph all day(love those dragonfly nymph takes) I will have to get back out there today and see what I can find with the bass.
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    Bass looks loaded !! I better get back this means the big females are ready !!!!
  6. Kaiserman

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    Isn't that small one a baby carp?
  7. McNasty

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    nice, i just got back from my panfish pond like 20 minutes ago. couldnt buy a bucket =( then i threw a big popper n nailed a 3-4 lb. largie then some others bigger than anything thats been in there so far this year. seems to be the time
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    I've been having pretty consistent luck with the LMs on my local ponds. I've discovered how fun it is to use the light rod and take whatever the pond decides to send my way. This morning it was a nice 1.5 lb, Several <1 lb. and several gorgeous redears.
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    based on some image searches, and the orientation/style of it's mouth, i've concluded it's a shiner.