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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. "Ever yell at your wife cuz the Sox went 7-20 in the month of September..."

    What, are you nuts? Like a friend of mine said after he saw my nice, sweet, smiling wife get pissed off "You don't want to piss that woman off, she'll cut you."

    About the attitude's of those fishing, it's amazing and sad. I chat up anyone, anywhere, doing anything. That includes all forms of fishermen and non-fishermen. Try walking to or from the point at LP (that secret WS spot) without someone walking toward you who wants to know how your fishing was. Hell, I'll even talk with a few of the guys I've met through this forum. I've met a few snobs on the water, all two-handers, who were just rude. So, rude is rude, asshole is asshole. You would think a group of people who obviously love the same sport regardless of how played would enjoy encountering each other on the water. I will say this, a few of the stunts I saw guys pull running their boats through fish schools that people fishing on a local river would get them shot in coastal Georgia and I'm not joking.

    I refuse to withdraw my pattern of reaching out and befriending those who would have me for fear of encountering an asshole. Now watch, my next trip on the water I'll be overwhelmed with assholes. Thanks Evan.

    Edit addition:
    Charles: I just happened to be listening to ESPN while I was tying some flies and now I understand the 20-7 issue. Man, those Reds really know how to choke in the stretch, don't they? I mean, I'm not a baseball fan but what they did was totally AWFUL. That has got to just ruin your whole year. There, feel better now?
  2. Fishcentral, you only like mid flex rods. Seems fitting. Slower synapse, slower stroke.
  3. No i only like full flex rods . i'm not fast enough minded for fast rods ! remember med. flex rods are for people who are bad casters !
  4. FC, many people say I'm not going to fish for this or that anymore 'cause I've already done that. Moving to lake fishing is kind of like therapy 'cause you know fish are there and just have to figure out what they're taking. People who quit steelheading get tired of the whole game. Are they really in there? Am I actually getting down to them? Copping out to lake fishing is like going to a dating site. I've done it on my own (steelhead fished) and have been rewarded on ocassion but if I go to the lake (or I'll get lucky more often.

    To each his own.
  5. Tisk tisk... incorrect sir...

    This very rant is something Evan and have had many a discussion about and as someone who has dedicated a great deal of time to fishing a two-handed flyrod I also get tired of dealing with people who buy a two-handed rod and believe themselves to be some sort of higher life form. I dunno what I'm really trying to convey other than with as crowded as the rivers are this time of year one can expect their swing water to be tread over with a fair degree of regularity and when it happens to me, which it does, I just keep fishing as though nothing happened.

  6. And now i'm copping out hmmm never found out so much about myself . besides i have always considered steelhead to be one of the most stupid fish to fish for , its just what we have here on the west coast to fish for close by but your right - to each his own .
  7. If that's really what you though you wouldn't have posted what you did in the first place. Now go tie a fly or something...
  8. What an odd comment :confused: oh well as you say to each their own.

    A thought just occurred to me.... the wanna be posers in any activity are usually the ones who give it a bad name. Whether it's gear fishing, fly fishing, athletics, or any activity a wanna be poser will usually do something stupid to give the the silent majority a bad name.
  9. You're right. If is your thing there's nothing wrong with it. Sorry if I struck a nerve.;)
  10. I met my wife on craigslist. That is advanced dating tactics.
  11. Under which category Evan?
  12. I posted an ad under"free stuff"
  13. Well done but she paid too much.
  14. Good popcorn thread! I understand the rant, but agree with salmo that douchery is pretty well distributed throughout the hordes. Case in point: I was down on a SW river this last weekend and ran into some fly flinging douchery. So much so that I lost my patience and left the run which I have never done in the years fishing that same spot, even with three times the amount of people. Went downriver and fished with some gear dudes who were much nicer and had some decent conversation.

    I've seen bad behavior on both sides, two handed, one handed, and gear. It always sucks to deal with douches. Fortunately it seems that there are more decent fisherpeople than douches, but that equation will probably change with the constant influx of population.
  15. FC, are you really that arrogant? I mean seriously, are you so great and have achieved so much that everyone here is below you? You said it yourself that "it's all about EGO". Are you talking about your Ego? I don't know you and it's been a while since I've been on here, for all all know you may be an alright guy with some good mojo, but for now you're just a guy that likes to piss people off, talk down on a very popular targeted fish, obviously a bad ass caster, and a total pessimist. so from you're posts I have learned that as long as I don't count on you for anything I won't be disappointed.

    Ok then.

    Evan, I agree with Salmo, perhaps you're a magnet for the yuppy fly guys.
  16. I agree there are douches all around, but the douchery that happens within the two handed dweebs usually comes with an air of "holier than thou" that rubs me the wrong way. Strangely enough, I only get this attitude when I am visibly fishing some other method (nymphing or gear) In the past month or so, I've run in to at least a half dozen such dweebs. Can't tell you a single gear guy, or even single hander guy that had the same attitude.
  17. i really get the impression from some guys that if they couldn't fish with a fly-rod (or with a spey rod, or bamboo rod, or dry-fly only, or whatever....) they wouldn't fish at all. i can't relate to that. i love fishing period. i fly-fish almost exclusively now, but i can turn on the shows about noodling for catfish, or river monsters, or anything and still get pumped. i love fishing. the will to live at one end of the line, the will to feel alive at the other.
  18. Mrs. Burck is a pretty cool lady.
  19. Lately I've put away my speyrods,And got the bell equiped pole holders & Plunkin gear out and had a ball with the missus & friends up on the skagit plunkin & socializing, don't miss the my spey cast is better than yours bullshit at all.

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