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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. I've never met a dick head spey guy on the river. I have met plenty of gear guys breaking rules, Powering sleds right through runs, leaving trash all over rivers, and just basically being douches bags.
  2. Sorry Evan, I didn't recognize you with a gear rod in hand. Had I known it was you I'd not have been such a dick.
  3. You nailed it Mike FC is better than all others.......or at least he thinks he is.
  4. Maybe it was the boat, the person, who knows...I don't get out anywhere near enough anymore but in perspective I took a buddy out on the Sky two weeks ago and came in at the top of a big pool where a spey caster was fishing, most likely practising. I waded in above 'bout 50 ft or more Looks were exchanged nothing was said or nodded, etc and we both got into our individual thing. He was a good caster and given I wasn't catching squat, I was watching him cast. One was a real beauty of easily 100+ feet with seemingly no effort like a sweet spey can do. I said "nice" and gave a thumbs up, he said "thanks" that was it. Now don't really know what my point now is but spey guys are not all dicks and I'm hairy arsed enough not to care about what folks think about me. My gear buddy from MI is so desperate to learn and catch fish it takes me back to when I was a kid and had the same burning desire to be a good fisherman, didn't worry about how it was done. As a foreigner I've noted that folks up here a more than a wee bit cold or plain weird when you ask something as threatening as 'how are you?' and maybe speying brings out the worst in them. Evan, from your posts you always seemed fairly chilled to me (other than on folks munching w/steelies and we're all with you there). I wouldn't sweat about this, there's f all you can do about folks like that anyway and most of them keep the likes of Leland/Anil/Poppy in business so something good comes out of it I suppose.

  5. Why can't fishermen just enjoy what they're doing and provide some slack for those who are doing something different. Give a man his water should be the rule...if he was there first he deserves it regardless of gear choices. Floating or wading it doesn't matter. This is not difficult stuff, respect one another and we'll all get along...unless we suffer from a superiority complex.
  6. Sorry, that should be "some" folks re the spastic freeze upon being accosted by a fellow fisher trying to be cordial and friendly, and only when they're on the bank. BTW, if someones fishing, I don't bug them but some people are just odd. I've met a load of nice folks out fishing, especially gear guys. e.g. It stuns me that you can use salmon roe here, in Scotland you could kill someone and it'd be only slighty more heinous than using salmon roe as bait for perspective. Everything is different here to me especially on the gear side and I think folks are bit bit stunned that a fly fisher/Spey thrasher could be so intersted in rigs, drifts, etc.

  7. In general, hard core flyfisherman tend to be very odd, eccentric individuals; especially steelheadersy. Add passion to our personalities and nothing said or opinions shared should be the least bit surprising.
  8. The medium flex rod comment was because almost every thread about rod actions on this sight fast rod people start saying that people who can't cast use medium action rods . i would never say this about any caster . its about the action you like to throw not that medium action guys cant throw a fast rod .

    But yes i do consider steelhead to be very dumb , that doesn't mean i don't respect them or you .

    Don't worry i am truly a nice guy and have shared my fishing knowledge with many people and brought many people into the fly fishing world over my life time . i'm just not the type of guy to get on a web site and post to be liked - or write what everyone wants to hear , or go with the flow . its 3:00 in the morn and i have to get going for fishing with a very humble guy that's been learning from me for a few years , he's a great guy and really loves the sport but it's his humbleness that draws me to fish with him . i know he needs to rub off on me more - humbleness is one of my goals in life and it doesn't look like i was to humble on this thread - hmmmm - old habits are hard to brake - so i must say sorry to the people i pissed off ! didn't know my spey rod casting comment was going to get so many responses . but my other saying is alaska is for people who don't know how to catch fish here ! both of these statements i say with a smile and a poke in the ribs with fun . i should expect spey guy's to defend they're sport . now its off to fishing -cya
  9. Motion seconded, Mr. Rolf :) and btw I am becoming a bigger and bigger advocate of Diawa Two-handers every time I use the one I bought from you. Very very pleasant rod to fish.
  10. iagree

    BTW: One of my favorite quotes seems appropriate to this thread:

    “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you don't like to live rent-free in your head.”
  11. The big white elephant in the room is increasing overcrowding on our big anadromous rivers. These kinds of repeated spats are inevitable considering the ever-growing crowds chasing ever-diminishing numbers of fish (a month of pinks every other year excepted). But even when the pinks usher in a month of plenty, it seems like fishermen of all kinds get lathered into a frenzy trying to squeeze as much actions as they can out of this rare opportunity. I hate fishing in that kind of environment with any kind of gear.

    For example, read Jim Riggins' account of the lunacy of the crowds on the Kalama right now:
  12. :D
  13. The guy was probably a Red Sox fan. They were having a bad day yesterday.
  14. Those aren't typically the guys with a stick up their ass. Like discussed back on page 1, it's usually the guys who can't roll a shooting head out there to save their lives, and guys like the one I saw yesterday who was trying to force feed his fly to about 100 pinks on redds.
  15. Actually, FS might be on to something. Though his comments may appear both arrogant and ignorant, consider this. Perhaps steelhead are "dumb" and this is why they'e so hard to catch. Also, maybe they're really moody too, kinda bipolar in the fish world. When we catch them its just dumb luck, but we chalk it up to skill. After all, why do these idiots take a fly that resembles nothing? See, FS has gained this knowledge through years of catching so many of these retarded fish that he is simply bored with their illogical antics. I get it, but I do have one question sir.... Requesting insight into your superior mind, and so I can stop wasting years of my life, which west coast fish is really smart? Thank you ahead of time.
  16. AMEN
  17. Which is what I meant by poser wanna be.. I think the word tool applies to someone pulling salmons off of their redds.... Red Zone candidate I think.
  18. I know I can't cast worth a crap but I do have a nice new spey pole and Hardy reel thingy to hold my line. Oh yeah, I also wear fancy Patagonia waders and jacket. So I'm must be one of the poseur guys with a stick up my ass. Some evenings after a long day of hiking and fishing without talking to people, it feels like a really big barky one...

    Honestly, when I'm out fly fishing on a river or stream, I don't really want to talk to anyone, best friends and family included. Certainly not a complete stranger whose only connection to me is that we happen to be doing something similar in the same location. I'm there to focus on my fishing and connect with the outdoors, not to socialize.

    Golden Rule and all, there's no excuse for rudeness. However, on the river, I'm sure I come off as less than friendly because I have no interest in spending 30min talking about gear or what I caught last week or any other damn thing. I try to respect other people's right to do their thing without interruption and like it when they reciprocate.

  19. Well said. Most of the complaints and rants about poor etiquette, conflicts, etc. come from people fishing in crowded waters. I purposely avoid places that get frequently talked about and as a result I see few people on the water and almost never have issues with other fishermen.

    Rivers are only going to get more and more crowded. If you fish in popular areas, having issues with other anglers is inevitable. I wish we could all just get along, but as the fishermen start to outnumber the fish this is not a realistic expectation.
  20. Over crowding means nothing if you assume 90% of the people on the river have no idea what they're doing, which is what I believe. I don't care if 10 people have gone through a run in front of me. I'll fish it patiently and expect to hook a fish if the fish are there.

    I talked to a regular Clearwater guy at the Red Shed a couple weeks ago. He stated that he doesn't fish after mid-September anymore because of crowds. That was honestly the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time. Good for you guy????????

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