This week's reel seat project

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by KB2, May 3, 2014.

  1. KB2

    KB2 Active Member

    They say plagiarism is the highest form of flattery, so here is my spin on a Struble U-24. I machined the hardware from stainless steel, and the insert is Lignum Vitae. Insert diameter is .640, overall length 3.5. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. There is no finish on the insert yet, that is the next step.


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  2. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Great work. A little hard to see they detail on the knurling - how does it look it person?
  3. KB2

    KB2 Active Member

    The knurling is OK, the wheels I have aren't the best, I have ordered some good ones with an extra fine pitch, next one will be better.
  4. SHigSpeed

    SHigSpeed Active Member

    What does this assembly weigh? For a lighter rod polished anodized aluminum would be sweet!

    Looks great, keep on sharing.

  5. KB2

    KB2 Active Member

    I don't have the best scale in the world, but as near as I can tell it weighs about 1.5 oz. Stainless Steel is actually slightly lighter then Nickel Silver, but tougher to machine.
  6. KB2

    KB2 Active Member

    Here is the one I finished this afternoon. Down locking, SS Hardware, Ziricote insert and inlays in the hoods. I think this one is my favorite so far.


  7. John Wallace

    John Wallace Active Member

    Love the reel seat with the wood insert. Just awesome!
  8. Mike Monsos

    Mike Monsos AKA flyman219

    I really like your inlays!

  9. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

    Those are cool... nice work.
  10. KB2

    KB2 Active Member

    I think I finally have my design pegged. Below is the final product after changes. A couple of small modifications to lighten it up a bit. This one is 1.4 oz, can't get much lighter with Stainless Steel. The insert diameter is .625, well suited for 4-5 weight rods. Will also be building some a .600 diameter for 2-3 weights.

  11. Matthew LeBret

    Matthew LeBret Active Member

    That is one good looking reel seat!!! Well done
  12. Rob Ast

    Rob Ast Active Member

    Love the curve on the rear foot band. Would you us be considering making some for sale?
  13. KB2

    KB2 Active Member

    Finished a couple more.

    This one has a .600 diameter Clairo Walnut Burl Insert. Total weight is 1.25 oz.

    This one has a .625 diameter Cocobolo Insert. Total weight is 1.4 oz.
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  14. RAPA1163

    RAPA1163 New Member

    Excellent! We needed someone to replace Struble..Keep up the good work. Do you sell these?
  15. Joe Goodfellow

    Joe Goodfellow Active Member

    Those are so cool
  16. RogueBum

    RogueBum Spey casting for Steelies year round

    You're an artist! Those things are amazing!