Thomas lamphere Blended Mega Shrimp

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  1. this is a large shrimp pattern that I came up with. works good on the SRC's so far and I know it will work for retuning salmon. I call it my Blended Mega Shrimp. this is a picture of all three colors and a video of how to make it.
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  2. Great video. Great looking fly. I found the technique for the tail very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. no problem. I use that technique for a lot of stuff. clousers, buggers, and marabou swing flies. about anything that I use marabou in. also makes for a great body rap like you would for marabou bodies.
  4. I've never seen or used it. Ill have to watch it a few more times and give it a try
  5. it looks a little tricky but it is actually very simple once you get it. I use BR size wire because its thick enough to not brake easy and is thin enough that its easy to spin and work with on a hook. also when you pick out your marabou use those with thinner stems. they are more flexible and work the best for making feather blends.

    here area few of my steelhead blends, just the feather blends them selves not on a fly.
    Blended Marabou Feathers.JPG
  6. Nice technic blending the marabou, thanks for sharing

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