Thompson Falls Montana

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  1. Anyone fished that area? I am planing a trip next year.
  2. my girlfriends family is from a little town called Noxon nearby. it's on the clark fork river. i took my tube out to triangle lake in noxon and caught some big rainbows. there's a bar in Noxon called Toby's, definately a must for a cold beer and good tunes. prolly one of the coolest bars i've ever been in.
  3. I went through Noxon summer before last. Cool little town, didn't stop for a beer.
    Sharon and I spent one nite in the second campground up the Thompson river. Very nice river, caught no fish, had only one bite.
    There are smallies in the slack water above the dam on the Clark fork.
    Saw lots of big horn sheep.
  4. Toby's is a must see if you have the time for a cold beer. There used to be a bar over in that area that had a 600 pound pig that would walk through the bar once in a while. It was kind of a casual place if you know what I mean. Can't remember the name. Hogs breath or something like that.

    Attached is a pic of a Thompson River brown I caught last summer. It is the only brown trout I ever caught. Don't make it to brown territory much. The area in general is very nice. I had very little success on the Thompson itself. It is odd in that it is bordered by roads on both sides one of which is almost always very close to the river. Gets a fair amount of pressure too it seemed to me. I believe fish migrate up from the clark fork to spawn - that may be a different ballgame altogether.

    When I go back there, I am going to hike into some lakes high up.

    Have fun.
  5. I fished the Thompson River back in 04 it was during July and the fishing was good. There are plenty of places to fish in the area. Good luck. Jim
  6. The Pike fishing can be out of this world! Lots of opportunities, from the Clark Fork itself to the resevoirs.
    Also just north of Libby is the Kootenai.....state record rainbow came just below Libby Dam, also one of the only spots in the state you can target Bull Trout.
    Check in with Brooks and Jackie at Clark Fork Trout and Tackle in St. Regis or Kootenai Angler in Libby.
    Have fun and post a report.

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