Thompson River, BC

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  1. I heard it opened up Nov. 1. Anybody planning on going? I am thinking hard about it as I bought my license thinking I was fishing the Skeena this fall but wound up not going 'cause my partner had to bail.

    Anybody ever float it around Spences Bridge?
  2. I did, but in the summer. Big water. Not sure if fall flows would make it more exciting, or just wider.
  3. Were you fishing or whitewater playing?
  4. The run is very minimal, I have no idea why they opened it, latest counts were maybe around 500 fish....
    Trout fishing in the summer can be pretty amazing though, if you can handle the heat!
  5. Hmmm, have stream cleats and wading staff, along with BC license, the most criical gear for fishing the T. Wonder how cold it will be next weekend.
  6. We are supposed to get a cold front rolling in this week, looks like its going to drop below freezing by the weekend, today would have been a great day :)
  7. We were spawning fish today at Priest Rapids Hatchery in 60+ degree weather. This would have been the week to fish the T. I imagine the coming colder weather will make the driving more challenging to get there and the responsiveness to a floating line more difficult. But it would just take one fish to make it worthwhile, even with a possible dunking, which is still fairly probably with stream cleats and a wading stick.
  8. Its supposed to be around -10/-12ish C next weekend.. I would pass on it unless you really are dying to be cold and fish a long time between fish..
  9. I had one of my most memorable days on the Thompson after waking up to a coating of ice on everything. After days of balmy weather and no fish, the sudden cold snap changed everything. The most significant change was that it kept a lot of folks indoors. :) I had three fish to hand and still made it to the tavern for the first NFL game. Perfect day! Chipping the propane tank free from the picnic table with a hammer and screwdriver was a little scary tho...
  10. With the estimate being around 1000 fish in a river that massive you are basically looking for a needle in a haystack. I'm amazed they are opening it. Rivers around here that are a fraction of the size of the T get closed when returns are almost twice that number.
  11. Hey there my American friends!

    Speaking of the Thompson, if any of you DO come up for a visit, think about stopping in for a fundraiser we (the Steelhead Society of BC) are holding on November 29th!

    The Bonaparte River is one of the main spawning tributaries of the Thompson and this will be a follow-up to a big fundraiser we held last year for the restoration of another tributary, Spius Creek. :)


    Thanks for looking!

  12. Steelhead don't spawn in the Thompson mainstem. It's a misconception to presume the T should have large returns based on it's LARGE size. There are many other elements critical to stream productivity and carrying capacity
  13. TexBC- thanks for the warm northern invite! If I make it up there during that time, I will definitely be there!
  14. True they do only spawn in a few tribs, but still... 1000 fish in a river that size is a very low % game.
  15. Low percentage to what?

    Again, there is no point in focusing on the size of the river as it means nothing as far as it's ability to produce steelhead is concerned. What it does provide is a very large and happy sanctuary for resident rainbows
  16. My pleasure! :)
  17. I think hes just trying to say thats a lot of water to cover.
  18. The Thompson has the habitat necessary to maintain a much larger population than what is currently being produced. Even more appalling is the interception of the commercial and tribal fleet. In Comb's book, Steelhead Flyfishing, he states that during the 80s, the stock was 10,000 adults strong. And yet, 2,000 were intercepted in the commercial fishery and 5,0000 in the tribal fishery, leaving 2,000 for the sporties (a few hundred harvested, long since closed to retention since then) and seed for the next generation, escapement. And yet, the run is still teetering on the edge. Being the most fecund of any steelhead race, at 12,000 eggs per female, if only 4,000 could escape to spawn, it could produce a run of 25,000 adults. Just think what fishing would be like with that kind of return!

    He goes on: "The federal government's treatment of this race of steelhead, this national treasure, is pitifully shortsighted and economically wasteful. Obfuscating their way through the moral dilemma of Indians and commercial fishermen becoming the prime consumers of the province's steelhead is bureaucratic gridlock at its worst."
  19. Catch rate:angler effort. I guess thats just steelheading though.

    Still, the run size just 25 years ago was 10,000 fish (BDD beat me to it). Numbers are way down no matter how you look at it. This years estimate of 1000 is a very low number to justify a sport fishery which allows bait and barbs.

    BDD, I was literally just looking at the TC reference for that same info, but you beat me to it.
  20. Barbs are not allowed on any moving waters in B.C
    Unfortuately , bait is still allowed on a certain section on the Thompson:(

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