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  1. Sorry to dissapoint you but the Trey Combs reference is BS. The (hatchery enhanced) run of 25 years ago was no where near that magical 10,000 number that has been trotted about for years. It's just not true.
  2. T Dave,

    Yes, the hatchery enhanced run was a failure and I believe he mentions that in the book that the program was scrapped after a couple of years. I don't think he was implying that the escapement was ever that high, but that is what the estimated numbers of the Thompson population was before all the harvest from the various user groups, to which the commercial and tribal accounted for a vast majority of it and probably still to this day. Of course, it was an estimated number generated using a multiplier based on whatever reported catch was available. This practice is used throughout fisheries management and it can be argued the numbers are only as accurate as the data collected.
  3. Fundraiser Up Date

    SSBC is pursuing another habitat restoration project on a Thompson River steelhead spawning tributary. To help pay for this project we are having a fund raiser on November 29th at Micky's Pub, 170 Golden Drive in Coquitlam, BC

    At this point you may be asking why is this thread even over here; I'm not a steelheader, don't fish the Thompson and don't care one way or another. Ok, hang on for a moment; we put the call out and frankly, we are getting slammed with an overwhelming amount of great donations. In fact this is why this thread is over here because if you are into fishing there is something here for you, and you don't have to be a steelheader to appreciate some of these generous donations.

    Its really humbling to have this kind of response.

    Bonaparte fundraiser list of prizes, auction items and donors so far:

    -Meiser Two hander donated by Bob Meiser (info to follow)
    -One day two anglers Kamloops Interior Lake fishing with Brian Chan. Donated by Brian Chan
    -Spey casting lesson for up to two people. Donated by Tim "too far"Arsenault and M+Y Fly Shop
    -One day up to four people Saltwater Guided fishing Trip with Jason Tonelli. Donated by Pacific Angler
    -One day, two anglers, Columbia River fishing trip. Donated by Bruce Kruk
    -One day, two Angler Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing trip with Steeline Guiding. Donated by Jon Benidictson
    -One day, two anglers Salmon or Sturgeon fishing trip Silverside Fishing. Donated by Brian McKinlay.
    -One day, four angler Fraser River Canyon Sturgeon fishing Trip with Bluewater Guiding. Donated by Chris Ciesla
    -Two hours of Tattoo time. Donated by Dave Allen
    -G. Loomis NRX 14ft 9/10 Spey Rod. Donated by G.Loomis
    -Calcutta 400B Levelwind Reel. Donated by Shimano Canada
    -Box of Steelhead Flies. Donated by Riverside Fly and Tackle
    -Steelhead River Vest. Donated by Hatch Matchr Fly and Tackle
    -Four Hours of Spey Casting Instruction up to four people. Donated by Dana Sturn
    - St. Croix Wild River 10’6” Drift Rod. Donated by Rocky Mountain Recreation
    -Islander Centerpin Reel. Donated by Islander Reels
    -Babcock Custom Drift Rod “Steelhead Society Special”. Donated by Brian Babcock
    -Complete Set of Roderick Haig Brown Seasons Books
    (Fishermans Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring)
    -Custom Steelhead Flies. Donated by Dimitri Roussanidis
    -Thompson River “Trio” Photos. Donated by Aaron Goodis
    -Adrian O’Brien Photos
    -Echo SR81010 Rod. Donated by Rajeff Sports

    The list will continue to grow and will be updated as the items roll in. Again, please if anyone wishes to donate please contact: Brian Braidwood at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle 604-931-5044 or

    Thanks to all who support the work of SSBC



    Its really nice to see so many people stepping up with donations the swag mountain continues to grow:

    -7136-4 One Spey Rod. Donated by Chris Anderson from Sage Manufacturing
    -One year 300x80 banner advertising on BC Fishing Reports. Donated by Rick Baerg
    -One year 300x80 banner advertising on Donated by Rick Baerg
    -One year 250x100 banner advertising space on Donated by Rick Baerg
    -A direct drive silent wind Right handed 3 ¾” hand crafted Farlex fly reel no. 510 valued at $900 Donated by Tim Gelinas of Farlex Reels
    - Grizzly Chronicles. Donated by Chad Mckay
    - Kimsquit and Dean River Chronicles. Donated by Chad Mckay
    -Custom Cork steelhead Floats. Donated by Ed Stanley

    -2 new copies of Van Egan’s “Shadow of a Western Angler.” Donated by Kris Maier
    -Custom tied steelhead flies. Donated by Austyn Briggs
    -Patagonia Fleece jacket and fly boxes. Donated by Michael and Young Fly Shop
    -Spey Casting Lessons for up to two people. Donated by Tim "too far" Arsenault
    -Trophy Titan 3113 Centerpin Rod. Donated by Redl sports
    -Outcast Streamer XL Pontoon Boat. Donated by Kelly Davison
    - Custom SSBC “Coho” Moby Net. Donated by Don Chatwin
    -Full day Spey Casting/Fishing class for one with one night accommodations at Sunwolfe (on the Cheakamus River). Donated by Brian Niska and Sunwolfe

    Can you say Proxy bid? Sorry if this appears as some sort of spam, but its a great cause and it represents action that will result in measurable positive impact on the fish. Contact me if you are interested . Thanks Ralf

  4. That Brian Chan trip would be something worth bidding on.

    Thanks for posting this.

    My only complaint is I wish the BC/Canada government would appreciate the Thompson steelhead as much as the citizens and accordingly do more for their protection.
  5. Up Date

    Ok this is one of the few times I'm going to use the word epic: the list keeps growing

    - 4, 1-1/4lb lobsters -live- donated by Steve Hanson

    -One night stay at the Baits Motel Spence Bridge. Donated by Log Cabin Pub (John and Laurie)

    - “Beer from around the world gift basket”. Donated by Beverage Concepts

    - 2 numbered and signed prints by Don Li-Leger. Donated by Matt Jennings BC Resorts and Outfitters Association

    - Two reserved seats for the Packing House live music and dinner show. Donated by Steven Rice

    - a big ol' drinkers glassware collection:
    6 pcs. 21oz. Pub Pilsner beer sleeve
    6 pcs. Arcoroc shot glass
    6 pcs. Arcoroc stemless glass
    6 pcs. Czech Bohemia Crystal 16oz. Cut Rim Red wine glasses
    6 pcs. Czech Bohemia Crystal Cut Rim Champagne Flutes
    1 pc. Czech Bohemia Crystal Cut Rim Wine Decanter
    6 pcs. Arcoroc Aristocrat Double old Fashioned Highball glasses
    Donated Interior Ink Works (Jon Alexander)

    - Annual basic advertising campaign on (150X100 and 300X80 advertising banners, social media releases), total value is $750.00. Donated by Fishing with Rod (Rodney Hsu)

    - custom steelhead flies and box with a complimentary spot in the January “steelhead fly tying” class at Sea-Run Fly and Tackle. Donated by Andrew Redmont

    -Eureka Camping Package includes tent, sleeping bag, air mattress and hiking back pack. Donated by Rocky Mountain Recreation

    -Seagaur Fluro Carbon and angler accessory package. Donated by Mark Spada

    -Spey Flies donated by Jack Woo and Will Bush
  6. Damn I wish I could go!
  7. Me too! Too bad it is on a weeknight...
  8. Coquitlam eh? If I could get someone to watch the kids.....

    Go Sox,
  9. Too bad it's the same night Bill McMillan is in Bellingham!
  10. 4 corners thurs. night deal? Info?
  11. Last minute additions:

    - Grantham Sedge Steelhead dry flies. Donated by Ron Grantham.

    -Half day casting lesson on the water (Squamish) with Francois Blanchet. Donated by Fancois Blanchet

    -Custom tied Steelhead Jigs. Donated by Cody Sojka

    -Sidney Crosby 2010 Gold Medal Print. Donated by Norm Jasinski

    -Learning with the Pros; Stillwater Fly Tying vol.1 DVD
    BC Outdoors Sportfishing season 1 on DVD
    Stillwater Selections by Phil Rowley
    BCO The Ultimate Flybox fly tying manual
    current issue of BCO
    1 year subscription voucher for BCO
    Luhr Jensen hat
    BCO t shirt
    Rapala Classic Drifter centrepin reel. All donated by Mike Mitchell from BC Outdoors Magazine

    - Complete car detail package interior and engine shampoo and and cut polish. By JP Toyota in Surrey. Donated By Av Atwal

    Harry Lemire Flies

    Harry was a longtime Thompson angler and advocate and in his final wishes donated several flies to be used specifically for this sort of purpose. These are very special flies indeed. Floodtide, Moonlight and Dusty Miller all with Certificates of Authenticity are up for bid. There will be a minimum bid on these offerings.

    Cut off time for submitting proxy bids is 1300hrs today. Contact me with your max bid, specific item(s), full contact and payment details please. Thanks

  12. Hope you slayed it tonight...been ridiculus at work...planned on going to see Bill McMillan tonight and screwed that up as well..
    Bump me when you get a chance Ralf..
  13. Its been a hectic month since we decided to run with this fundraiser and what a true success last night was.

    Many thanks going out to all who donated their time, items and trips and to those who came and showed support. Even those who weren't SSBC members and simply came out to socialize ended up contributing. The venue, food, and service all earned high marks.

    Last years bench mark was surpassed by a solid margin.

    Everyone from old Thompson hands to folks who have never even caught a steelhead let alone a Thompson steelhead came together to make this habitat rehabilitation project a reality.

    Thanks again.


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