Thoughts on 10'6" switch rods

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Mulligan, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Mulligan Stephen Mull

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    I've been looking into getting a switch rod to use on the smallie streams out here in VA and to use for summer runs when I make it back home. I have my eye on a Meiser rod, but I'm a little concerned about how well it will spey cast at 10'6". It seems that a 10'6" switch rod may be geared a bit more towards the overhead cast. I'm relatively new to the spey world and haven't cast a shorter spey rod. I know there are other switch rods that are longer (Sage for one), but I'd love to have a hand made Meiser rod. Any insights are appreciated.

  2. TrappedinCO Help! I'm trapped in a landlocked state.

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    Do a search on the board and I think you'll find some pretty good praise for two-handed anchor point casting with switch rods. Keep in mind that the rods are designed with a flex profile that is intended to function well with spey-type casts. I think that style of cast is much more dependent on the action of the rod than the length.

    Plus...if Mr. Meiser says they can handle those types of casts, then you can probably rest assured that they can.
  3. FLGator Member

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    Why not get Bob to make you one of his 12' 6" 5wts?

    Give him a call and talk about your needs. I guarantee that he'll be a wealth of information and answer all of your questions regarding your application.
  4. fredaevans Active Member

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    Got to work the above rod last weekend; a JOY with the Airflo line combo he had on same. He had another 'light line' 'switch' with him too (blank as to the designation) but again, SWEEEEEEET.

    Either rod would be a 'I gotta get me one of those.':thumb:

  5. Big Tuna Member

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    I own a Beulah 5/6 and have been pleasantly surprised with it. I'm not the greatest caster, but w/ the Elixir line have been able to cast a decent distance w/ a conehead streamer. With more time and practice it will only get better. For smaller water, it seems pretty hard to beat. I bought it for swinging big uglies and am not disappointed.
  6. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    i think as with any spey pole its just a matter of what line you put on it. I used to think switch rods served little use if you had a spey rod but the more i fish big rivers i think they would be a fun tool for lobbing a phat bobber with no backcast.
  7. steff_dk PST+9

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    I have a Z-Axis 6110-4 and have finally gotten the line right.
    the first 35½ feet of a Rio 5/6 WC Spey with a Rio running line behind it.

    It'll cast the head without any problems. Where I fish, I rarely need to shoot more than 15 feet of the runningline, so I'm not sure how much distance is actually in this setup. 60+ anyway.

    11' is great for spey on smaller rivers, and I'm sure that 10'6'' will not make any difference.
  8. Eric Tarcha gear whore

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    I'll second the beulah's. I have a 5/6 and a 6/7 both are sweet rods paired up with their matching Elixer lines. I have used them for nymphing and swinging streamers in montana for trout, fishing local beaches for searun cutts, and nymphing and swinging flies for steel, and I have never felt at anytime that the rod was not suited for what i was doing. I love em.
  9. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    I will vote for the Beulahs also. The 5/6 is probably the nicest switch or two hander I have cast so far.
  10. KENAIKING New Member

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    Add another for the beulah 5/6 with the elixer. I love that rod. To me it actually feels like a shorter spey rod when you spey cast it, but when you switch to one hand it feels like a long singlehanded rod. Kinda weird I know but if you cast one it will make sense.

    Try to get your hands on one and I think you will be quite surprised. :beer2:
  11. steff_dk PST+9

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    I see where this is going :):):)
  12. Eric Tarcha gear whore

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    Totally agree. Just a fantastic stick and line setup.
  13. bankwalker Member

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    i dont own one but i have cast both the 5/6 and 6/7 and loved them both.

    but instead of fallowing the crowd. i went with a rainshadow 6wt lol

    which is an awesome feeling rod also.
  14. sashjo Member

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    Sage ZA 7110! Don't buy any switch without casting this rod.
  15. LBC nymphing beads with a spey pole.

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    Has anyone put a Elixer line on the Winston BIIx 7110? just cruious if the 6/7 or the 7/8 Elixer line would be better.

    Stephen you know how I feel about the Beulahs!! F'ing awesome.. Best purchase I have made to date.
  16. Ryan Buccola I ain't broke but brother I am badly bent

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    my wife thinks that rod is sweet!. i heard kraig loves it too. i also heard it is a fav for all girs in iowa. you should pull the trigger!
  17. Philster New Member

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    I use the Beulah 7/8 10'6" switch. With the back belly section of a 10/11/12 wincutter, and 10 to 13 foot tips, it skagit casts as far as you would want it to even with 6inch lead eye flies. As a Scandinavian "splash and go" caster, I find it not as good, but I've never spent the time to find "THE" line for it either. I'm pretty sure a 25 to 27 foot line would be the ticket for scandinavian, but with the skagit working so well, I just can't get motivated to put in the time...
  18. Coonhound Jed New Member

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    I just ordered my beulah 6/7 switch from Bruce for the sandy clave. As far as my experiences go, kenai king nailed it. The 10'6 spey casts extremely well but also single hands very well too!! I am going with beulah's new skagit Tonic line for spey and the Sage Indicator Taper for single hand. I also have the Elixer line for my beulah spey and I love it. It just depends on your preference. The tonic lines will cast anything easily. Bruce Berry was telling me about his bank to bank spey casts on the rogue with the 6wt spey and a 5 in. intruder! I really recommend either one of the lines!
  19. TrevorH Active Member

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    The new series of switch rods that Bob Meiser, Mike Kinney & TFO are working on are 11'. They should be available soon. Like I mentioned before, I've got the 11'7" Highlander, which I love. I'm planning on picking up the 9/10 of the new series for one of my winter sticks. Might be worth waiting for the new rods... Built rods will be available through them or through Bob.
  20. wolverine Member

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    I just ordered the Beulah 5/6 switch and the Elixer line. I've had the 7/8 for a year for beach fishing using intermediate & full sink Outbounds. I really like the rod but for me a shorter head than the Outbound has may work better. Am still recovering from my 2nd rotator cuff surgery so I'm going to 2 handers to take the pressure off.