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  1. While we have this epic thread going on about wolves on the wet side in another part of the forum, and there are people who take the opportunity to denigrate hunters in general, I need to make the following thought public;

    As hunters, it's our duty and honor both, to come to a place where we care for, protect and defend the creatures we hunt. No matter if we fish and don't hunt, hunt and don't fish, or engage in both lifestyles, we all should be dedicated to enhancing wild spaces, and being extremely aware of the problems that can befall our fellow wild creatures. We're all aware of whirling disease, but what about chronic wasting disease, brucelosis, or other problems facing warm-blooded prey? How many of us consistently pick up litter when we're out there, give of our time and money to organizations like TU and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Turkey Federation, the Mule Deer bunch, or some other group?

    I urge us all to have a personal stake in defending wildlife and habitat; get out into it, carry that garbage bag with you, think about what you can personally do to enhance the wilderness-and I'm not talking about just driving a Prius and recycling! We've evolved as apex predators, but we're the only species I'm aware of that's capable of taking an active roll in defending our open spaces and our fellow, non-human creatures.

    There! I'm off the soapbox; thanks, guys!
  2. Jeez Alex, that rings really wise for such a "mean SOB"...right on. I am a member of Phez UL, Ducks UL, Ruff Gr. Soc. and have worked on several habitat projects over the years. It just plain makes sense, feels good, and is the respectful thing to do.
  3. Nice post Alex!

    In addition too many fly anglers (many good conservation minded people) forget they are also participating in a blood sport where you hunt fish with feather & fur. C&R is not zero kill & the petting zoo mentality is absurd.

  4. Thanks Alex well put

    Good reason to join CCA DU RMEF Ruffed Grouse

    Good reminder that fly fishing is a blood sport too
  5. Well-stated, Alex. PF, NRA, SAF and I've helped several young hunters/new dog owners. Make it a habit to leave the land better than you found it.
  6. Alex, I couldn't agree more with everyone of your comments. Thank you.

    (That said, you're still full of sh*t most of the time.)
  7. To the distinguished gentleman from Haus Alpenrosa, well played.
  8. I will have a garbage bag with me on the first day of dove season.
  9. Garbage bag? Never thought about carrying one. I thought that was what the big pouch on hunting buddies' vests are for.

    Very nicely put, Alex. Funny, I had a young woman make a crack at me the other night at a party. She's seen my Africa trophy skulls and said in a group "Karl loves animals." with some sarcasm. My response was "I sure do, more animals, fewer humans is best." Quite a silence after that. I should have told her that I loved animals so much I spent four years getting a degree in zoology, I should have also explained the graduate degrees, the desire to learn more about animals, the population dynamics of humans, the habitat destruction she produces, my years as a professional biologist and the thousands of dollars I've contributed to habitat preservation. Shoot, I just got on the vacated soap box. I pity the poor soul who throws the next crack, the data is already arranged in my brain.

    Time draws closer to pick up the sxs I can't hit anything with, put my garbage bag in my buddy's vest and venture forth. Man, I love this time of year.
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  10. Karl, that pouch in their vests is for your libation of choice, contained in a temperature-maintainance container...

    5 more days!! I need to see if the new .410 goes "bang" within the next few days, but... We've been elk scouting on Blewett twice now within the last week, and although I've seen plenty of nice, damp grousey areas, not a single bird yet, nor noticed any tracks in the dust! I'm getting concerned!! Going back up tomorrow, and maybe we'll get lucky and see birds. I'll keep you posted.

  11. The garbage bag is for carrying out the junk one comes across. Lots of empty shotgun shells, torn boxes and general stuff. The occasional dead bird.
  12. When non hunters question my choice of sport I like to ask them what they like to do. Golf is a good one. I'll ask them to think about how much productive habitat their favorite golf course permanently took out of the system and to consider the long term effects this might have on wildlife. If they dont get it, i'll explain It's far more destructive than the few hunters that might harvest deer out of that parcel.

    This usually shuts them right up.
  13. Not to mention the water, fertilizer/chemicals, etc. that golf courses consume.
  14. "Golf courses and cemetaries, the biggest waste of prime real estate. Dead people, they don't need to be buried these days. Ecology, right? - Al Czervic
  15. Soylent green is PEOPLE!! (Sorry, I forget there are our younger members who may not know that that is... It's a movie; Chaleton Heston and.... Ah, shit, senior moment! Oh Yes, Edward G. Robinson!)

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