Thoughts on killing the record steelhead, fallout and ruminations:

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  1. How about this funny side-note. We (C&R advocates) have BBQ'd English Pete many times over. The pics have been posted repeatedly on every i-net fishing site I frequent.

    Guess what?? The Forks mayor got what she wanted. I hear that the Hoh is elbow to elbow trying to catch the next "World Record". And I'm sure the Forks motels and restaurants are packed with all those eager fishermen..

    Forget about him. The steelhead's dead. As others have said, get the laws changed. That would be the most worthwhile legacy I can think of for that great fish.


  2. Huh, All Hatchery fish. What's your point Jergens?
  3. I'M curious now (pm sent).

    I am always happy about law abiding gun toter's, liberal or otherwise.

    Sure it is

    Believe me, age does wear away your wits.

    And age does in fact bring perspective...
  4. Buck, I don't think I'm taking you wrong and believe that I agree with most of what I've seen you post in the various threads about this particular Hoh fish. I for one am going to the Hoh 2009 in 18 days for a variety of reasons. First is to enjoy a beautiful river, there are far too few of them. Second is to meet and hopefully enjoy the company of so many here that have taught me a thing or two, show me a thing or two or ribbed me as needed. Third, I hope to learn. Learn some technique, casting, water reading and such. These things I believe, for me, often are best learned while fumbling about and watching those around that fumble far less because they know and are comfortable with what they know. Fourth, but likely not finally, to fish and take a crack at catching one of those brusing fish. If that highly unlikely part comes true I hope it is a hatchery, but as doubtful as that will be, I hope to fight it well, land it quickly and enjoy the completion of the circle as I watch it return to where it belongs. If I fail in closing that loop and my inexperience causes undue and likely mortal harm to that fish then I'll be the next laughing stock here (more than usual of course) despite there being no legal reason for it. We all do what we do for whatever we do it for. I agree this has gone on way too long, but despite the length and mutliple threads there is a lot that can be learned from the process. I can only hope that I'm not the only one learning something here. Thanks for your energy!
  5. I think I will switch over to Jerry Springer and see what he has on.
  6. Mumbles, I know you not taking me the wrong way. And, for all the reasons you mentioned, I too will be headed to the WFF Hoh Down.
    My only point is the guy caught a legal fish.
    It's within peoples right to vote, carry a gun, kill a fish, drive a car, get drunk, etc.... Now, people seems to alway s have an opinion about the following, how they vote or who they vote for, about killing fish, how one drives, how people handle themselves when they get drunk, etc.... Each person is entitled to there opinion, I'm fine with that.
    I'm just saying, there are thousands of steelhead caught in a gill net on accident. Why not bark up that tree? Of course I don't know what I'm talking about because I've only caught hatchery steelhead, so I'll sit down now.... :)
  7. Buck,
    Why not bark up every tree. Open yourself to a world of problems brother.
  8. Most of us who fly fish for steelhead have dreamed about catching a record-class specimen. Peter Harrison achieved it. Playing by the rules of fair chase and the retention laws of Washington, he hefted the mighty fish and smiled into the camera, certain that his dream was fulfilled, his days of glory were at hand. Then the shitstorm began to blow.

    Peter Harrison is now famous, and will remain so. He and his steelhead are at the tipping point of a sea change in sportfishing ethics. Every successful fisherman who's ever gripped-and-grinned with his scaly trophy has been doing so under an implied premise: "and there's plenty more where this one came from!" But now we understand that it is no longer so. This overstressed planet has nearly lost its ability to produce wild thirty-pound steelhead. Each one remaining is a genetic treasure, to be preserved at all costs.

    When I was a boy, the nation watched with growing unease every reported incident of racial unrest and injustice. Then came the shocking films on the evening news: fire hoses, billy clubs, snarling white faces, police attack dogs. And something tipped overnight in the national conscience: this can't go on any longer, not in America.

    Peter Harrison, the poor sonofabitch, has become the Bull Connor of his time, not the Lee Wulff. His crimeless victim will be its own punishment, for the rest of his life. Who among us would want to be Peter Harrison?
  9. Zen,
    My open point remain, why did you point out a guy who caught a legal fish. Ya, i'll pick my battles, this guy isn't one of them, Bro.
  10. I identified a guy who caught and kept a legal fish to show why steelhead are doomed. Even if we continue to act lawfully, in accordance with current laws i mean, wild steelhead in Washington will probably go extinct. I was trying to illustrate that fisherman must educate themselves and act with environmental morality, regardless of current laws. If you can't see the errors in Peter's decision to harvest the fish, you are not a real fisherman.
  11. Legality is the issue at this point only because it seems that many folks would do the same if the opportunity presented itself. If you do a google search of "english pete steelhead" you will find many different results on websites and forums from across the country and beyond. There seem to be two distinctions that can be drawn from a quick glance at these sites and forums: outrage for many, those who fish for or know about the true plight steelhead; or a full throated congratulations and agreement that what was done was great, folks not fishing for native steelhead, not in WA state, and unaware of the plight of wild fish. It is a moral/ethical issue (which is the basis of law) for those who are informed, but to others it is simply a fish of a lifetime and envy (greed) will drive them to follow Pete Harrison's lead. The real question ishow do you change those folks minds? Simply put, to many he is a hero and to others he is...
  12. If it were not so sad this whole discussion about the killing of a single wild fish would be laughable.

    Yes I get it that folks are upset to see such a magnificent fish die but we often get the type of management we deserve - way too many people are willing to sit on the side lines and complain and too few are willing to roll up their sleeves to work for change. At last count I see that there has been 231 different posting on this very subject on this forum alone. Can anyone imagine how effect it would have been if that engery and passion had been used in lobbying for management change.

    The last chance we collectively had was in the development of the State's Statewide Steelhead Management Plan. I seriously doubt that the FW Commission recieve 200 emails in total regarding that plan and its implementation. If you were not in that fight (and it took no more time to send an individual email - something other than a cut and paste of someone else's) I'm not sure that you have earned the right to express your outrage at the taking of that single fish.

    Just a different thought/spin on this subject.

    Tight lines
  13. This story just got a lot worse.... not married, 8 new kids in addition to the 6 she already had.... parents home is in foreclosure, and now we find out Nadya Suleman caught and killed the fish.

    I feel sick to my stomach.

  14. i just want to point out that people who are upset about tribal netting need to get there head checked. how much more u think we should rape the natve american culture?? shit wehen it comes down to fishers vs tribal nets im gonna go with tribal nets everytime.
  15. Nice looking lady fly fishing I guess...but she's got some big MAN-HANDS! Freaky photoshopping stb, freaky. All those babies are gonna have some rank old meat after the IGFA process...and they are getting dangerously close to the waters edge there on the left. Water is too cold for such little tykes.
  16. JOIN CCA!!!

    I agree with you Buck, except that I'm pretty sure all those "accidental" by-catches aren't all that accidental.
  17. :thumb:
  18. all you internet tough guys talking about violence being okay or thinking things would have different if you had been there... here's an idea. head down to cottonwood, barlow's, lyendeckers, richwine bar, etc and start your campaign of violence against people who keep wild steelhead.

    "Last week alone (Feb. 16-22), state officials counted 47 native steelhead caught and kept by recreational anglers on the Calawah, Quillayute/Bogachiel, Sol Duc and Hoh rivers."

    you're having a fit over one fish, while the genes of 47 other wild fish have bit the dust. changing the rule is the key, and the behavior and words on these internet bulletin boards by a bunch of people talking about harming an old man has done more harm in actually getting the regs changed.

    it's not about approving of the behavior of pete harrison or the 40-50 others that week that harvested wild steelhead on the OP, but i certainly do not believe that talking #$% on the internet is helping, unless you're trying to help further the image that fly anglers are elitist, smug, and stupid.

    go ahead, go down to the boat ramps and make good on all your tough talk with the gear guys.... oh, yeah it's easier to threaten an solitary old fly fisherman.

    zen and flyborg =

  19. Yes, it's terrible what this country did to Native Americans, but I have a couple questions about this complicated topic:

    1. When does the statue of limitations on those events expire? I mean, this was two centuries ago. Do we keep going another 100 years? 500? More?

    2. How does gill netting with modern equipment constitute "native american culture"?

    3. My family immigrated to the US from Lithuania starting in 1947, so I don't have a fight to pick about what happened in the US in the 1800's (though if you want to argue about Prussian aggression and Russian Tsars, I'm all-in). So how can I get Native Americans to not gill net my allocation of wild steelhead and only pick on those steelhead allocated to descendants of the Mayflower?
  20. 1. the statue of limitations dooesnt apply

    2. it doesn't, but that doesnt change how i feel. I think native tribes should be allowed to harvest.

    3. I dont care what fish they are taking. The drastic decrease in salmon runs are not the reult of native fisheries. they are the results of logging and commercial fishing. I dont fully understand this question. Why does it matter where your family is from??

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