Thoughts on killing the record steelhead, fallout and ruminations:

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Zen Piscator, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Dustin Bise: Having a maximum size limit for keepable steelhead is short sighted because all wild steelhead are valuable and add to the gene pool even if they are small. I can understand size slots for other species that are targeted before reproductive age, but the vast majority (except half-pounders) are sexually mature when they return.

    Andy, nice poem. I know everyone is hating on people for posting and keeping this topic alive. People are saying go change the laws as if it were that easy. I am active in conservation organizations and atrocities like this fuel the fire to stay involved and active.
  2. oh i thought this whole hype was based on the fact that he kept such a large fish with "special great genes"...... :beathead: Just thought i would offer up an idea

    if this is more about ALL wild steelhead then yea, i agree that a maximum size wouldnt be very effective.
  3. Zen, I'm not a real fisherman, ouch. What the f are you talking about? Change the rules.
  4. Trying to understand your thinking, because i disagree with your opinion about taking a steelhead, because it's legal. Like i originally posted, not intended to be a slam, just curious as to what experience you have had with the subject. and your right, the law needs to be changed, since self policing is not effective.
  5. ZEN, well done! Bob ..... who no longer is a member would be proud....he was constantly 'schooling' you on your spelling and sentence construction, I have no doubt that he has read this and was probably smiling like a proud father! The fish was legally harvested and is dead, end of story. But the awareness that these countless posts have raised may help to bring some positive action[maybe]. The angler, who surely has heard or read much of the fallout can do one RIGHT thing now: remove his name and catch for consideration for any doing so, he can hold his head a little higher when he says he kept the fish for sport[but I'm sure he won't]. I wish it had been released, but I think many of us whould have been really tempted to tag it.
  6. The nets in the river catch fish like this every year some are even sold for molds by the tribe stop the netting and commercial fisheries and the runs would come back. get off this guys back for legally keeping a fish. if you feel that strongly about it I agree with numerous others, help in the fight to have the laws changed, I would start with netting (commercial and Tribal) then worry about the Sport guys.
    and by the way the weekend of feb 20th, 29 wild steelhead were kept and killed out of the Hoh your poem should have been directed at everyone of the people who killed fish not Just PETER!!
  7. ***yawns***
  8. Everyones situation is different-
    Because it's legal , doesn't make it right-
    The moral issues and leagalities of gill nets and natives are for another thread and way off topic of what Zen said in his original post-
    Any sport fisher , Especially a Spey/fly guy, fishing for sport fishing reasons , who kills a wild steelhead , is a thug, plain and simple, legal or not. It's the sport fishers responsablity to know the difference between right and wrong, and not use the excuse of some bullshit law that makes it ok-
    Bleeder... Bullshit! Don't insult our intelegence please-
    Looks like a Gloomis rod... Think the pic will make the catalog?:eek:
    This fish should have died of natural causes...
  9. I wonder why the steelhead and other fish species in the rivers with no commercial, native or citizen, netting have not rebounded to record numbers?
  10. thats prob were the loggging comes in
  11. Check your reading comprehension, nubtard. I didn't threaten violence, I merely pointed out that the people doing so are rightfully upset. And yes, those that fish with me regularly have seen me shit talk on the river, especially when I see guys pulling crap that's disrespectful to the resource. If you want to call me an "e-thug", so be it, but wtf are you doing for steelhead out in Colorado, aside from jumping in threads and trying to shout people down for making noise about an important issue.
  12. If you go to IRAQ, you can beat the hell out of your wife, Cuz it's legal. I think some of those guys on the OP should go live in IRAQ, so they can take advantage of that law as well.
  13. Can anyone tell me what rivers it is legal for non native commercial fishermen to take steelhead? All the sports and commercial regs are posted online so it's easy to point it out.
  14. Cheese-n-Rice people.... give it a break! If the man said it was bleeding and would have died then take him at his word, you weren't there. I think I would have done the same.

    Don't you people have anything better to do with your time??
  15. How about fishing on Native waters, there are many rivers open to fishing that only contain wild steelhead. Most regs require barbless hook and obviously are C&R. Is it unethical to fish such waters.
  16. Doing so just insures that it happens again, as we've already pointed out. The next time someone has this happen, I want them to think seriously about all the "E-Thugs" who said nasty things online as they look around at the other anglers, and seriously regard whether keeping that fish is worth it. I also want our politicians to see the amount of contention this single event has caused so the next time conservation lobbies have a "win", the mayor of a fucking town of 3000 people doesn't completely ruin that win and burn our notion of representative democracy.

    Not at the moment. No, not really.
  17. iagreeiagreeiagree
  18. Thats fine "flyborg." If you're that concerned, then get involved with politics, that is the only way to affect change. Sitting on the sidelines spending your time on this board will get nothing done.

    And... by the way, why don't people here have there real names listed and not some silly handle. Maybe then there would be some sort of accountability. I think our astute web master suggested that some time ago.
  19. Man there are much bigger problems facing our wild steelhead than wether a world record fish was released or not.

    Would this sites angry lynch mob go hunt down a bear or otter or orca for killing a fish like that? its obvious to me that the Hoh is an extremely productive river as it can sustain harvest of wild fish, not many steelhead streams in the country can boast that, our collective energy needs to be keeping the Hoh as productive as it is by protecting the habitat, and if a world record fish coming from it convinces others that it is a place worth protecting then maybe the death of that particular fish isn't so bad.
  20. I lend my voice and money to several conservation and water rights issues. However, playing the politics game isn't the only necessary solution; as I pointed out, representational democracy is extremely flimsy when a mayor speaking for 3,000 people can overturn the voice of multitudes more. As you said, sitting on the sidelines does nothing. This board is the #1 fly fishing board on the internet, however, so I'd hardly say that spending time here arguing important issues gets "nothing done". It's a community, and a community with a significant reach; sitting on the sidelines here telling people to STFU is what gets nothing done.

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