Thoughts on killing the record steelhead, fallout and ruminations:

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  1. I'll say my last words on the Hoh fish and our British "chap". He should have released it and his story is "fishy" at best. In fact he knew he had screwed up and that is why he immediately went to his bullshit story. He should have just told us to kiss his ass and to bitch to the state who makes the act legal. We have our moral views, but he broke no laws. But if we like it our not, it was and is a LEGAL catch and keep. That is due to the complete idiots we have in Fish and Game. Now I am sure the finger pointing will keep going but that is the reality of things. I can hit up the OP any time I want and hook, land, and kill not only wild fish, but damn native fish. And if I get a fish to the car without signing off the catch card, I can pretend it never happened and go get another one the next day. Which of course none of our steelhead killing brethren ever do!!!:rolleyes: This is another indictment of the state of Washington's fisheries and policies nothing more. Sad in many ways but another shit stain on their underwear. Coach
  2. After reading some of the absolutly astounding rhetoric about that fish and the gentleman who caught it, from two posters in particular, I would have to say that the parents of a couple of you guys should have practiced better birth control.
  3. I think he knew what he was doing when he bonked that fish. I think he wanted to release it but realized what a frenzy his keeping it would cause. Thus as Flyborg mentioned giving the plight of Wild Steelhead everywhere more vigor and the much needed attention it deserves. This man should obviously be commended for his actions. What a completely selfless act in order to preserve the species, even in the face of knowing what it would net him. A modern day Judas. I bet that fish spoke to him.

  4. We need to bring to fight again!

    Forks has Twilight now. It is actually funny seeing how much Twilight shit is out there! They no longer can support the claim that Bonking Wild Steelhead is the Economic life blood of Forks. I was in Ace/Thriftway the other day and half the freaking store had a Simms jacket or Sage/Winston hat on. Rafts and rigs parked in the parking lot with fly rods all over the place.

    As a final note. This fish Died and that really Sucks. How many other Steelhead are going to get bonked because of this fish being so publicized! I have never seen the Hoh so busy! Letting the public know what is actually going on can hopefully shed light on the issue at hand.

    Look at this thread and take a look at what can happen! Some Success from the internet! steelhead on menu

  5. Why skirt the edges big man? Tell the two posters straight up that the world would have been better off if they had not been born and that their parents were complete idiots for having children. And then act shocked when they tell you to go fuck yourself as you take the "high ground" and "humph" loudly and roll your eyes with your legs crossed. Passive aggressive is chickenshit nothing more nothing less. And thanks for the positive contribution to the thread. That irony was not lost on me either. Coach
  6. I may not always with some of the things that Coach says, but on this issue I must say your dead on. Thank you Coach!
  7. I will Not dive into this extensive argument, I will only say that IF i ever run into This asshole he will get a few comments about his character ha.

  8. I hope you remembered to take a couple of Aspirin before you went to bed last night.
  9. “Our judgments judge us, and nothing reveals us, exposes our weaknesses, more ingeniously than the attitude of pronouncing upon our fellows” Paul Valery

    Clearly this is a regrettable incident, however I suspect what is significantly more regrettable are the searing, uninformed judgments heaped upon this man for an act likely duplicated by many on this board who hopefully will never find themselves in this situation.

    Coach, with the utmost respect, I am especially surprised by your comments given your life experience. I would venture to guess you have seen men, good men, caught in a tempest over acts that were perceived as unrighteous by people that had absolutely no understanding of the facts on the ground.
  10. what a disgrace on many, many, levels.. and the steelhead thing is tragic too
  11. iagree Killing the biggest and the best wastes the naturally occurring genetic lines that are most desired. It's sick how Nature creates and Man wastes. If the State was willing to afford the Mayor of Forks the concession, it should have been with caveat--like a slot limit. It's odd to think that if we ate like wolves, we would still leave behind the strongest of the herd. For that reason, that fly fisherman's act crossed the line. That monster steelhead should have lived to improve the genetic stock in that river. Nonetheless, given the status of wild steelhead, all our rivers need to stay C&R. Like, what was that guy thinking? If we wait for the laws we want to get passed but fail to change our own behavior in the interim, isn't that counter-productive to our professed goals?

    --Dave E.
  12. "Soul, that's a religious thing. State... church... it's unconstitutional for the United States to have a soul." - Denny Crane

    "How can you ban red meat? ..... We're carnivores. When the pilgrims landed, first thing they did was eat a few Indians." - Denny Crane

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  13. There are some f'up people out there.

    When a skydiving fatality occurs and is covered well by the media, you should see the phones light up with people ready to go make a jump.

  14. Good one.
  15. iagree, it's brain-dead easy to do through the cca site or the state site.
  16. Done. Just make sure you're respectful when you do it.
  17. In over 20 years of flyfishing for steelhead, I have had 4 fish die from deep ingestion of the fly - 3 Winters and one Summer. In all cases, the fight started spectacularly, but then ended unusually fast. In all cases, the gills turned a very pale, washed out pink in coloration (not red as in the photos). In all cases, the fish's overall coloration immediately turned several shades lighter and the hue taken on gave positive clues that the fish was not in a healthy state. Just sayin'.

    Was the angler entitled legally to kill the fish - yes. Was it a "responsible" act considering the impact to the resource - in this day and age my opinion would be "no".
  18. HAAAAAA Really!

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