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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fullerfly, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Anyone cast one of these yet? I just messed around with one for the first time last night. Pretty cool that it was designed by Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser. Felt pretty close to the MKS.
  2. I fished the 5/6 this summer for a short time and was impressed. I want a rod for swinging streamers for trout and that may be the ticket.
  3. I think the name is &$*CKED UP!

    I thought the Stream Dance by Loomis was the most obvious attempt at knuckleheads buying their first fly rod and now this!?!?

    This takes the cake for me. Naming a rod after a supressed and nearly gone race of wild steelhead?

    Deer Creek for me conjours up painful emotions and memories and I am only 25! The last thing that stream needs is more attention!

    I am sure the rod is great though. Just call it something else TFO!

    Or better yet name your next line of spey rods after YOUR favorite place to fish.

    Who else wants a nice big hunk of manufactured steelhead glory? I haven't caught a Deer Creek fish in YEARS!

    *sorry for the rant* *nothing personal with those that post in this thread* *I just think the fly fishing industry is out of control*
  4. Gee, I guess the Deer Creek fish my friends and I caught this year and the last 14 years weren't really Deer Creek fish after all:confused:. Perhaps the reason this rod series was named Deer Creek Series has to do with Mike living on the Stilly and all the years that he has fished it? Hmm..... just a thought because I haven't checked with Mike (who I know) to see if that is the case.

    To answer fullerfly's question: They are very much like the Meiser MKS rods, although they are built of unimodulus graphite (the Meiser MKS are built of multi-modulus graphites optimized for performance in each rod section), have lower qualiity reel seats, are mass produced (instead of individually built to customer specs as Meiser does the MKS rods), and are very good casting rods. A real value for the dollar. The Meiser MKS were also designed by Meiser and Kinney.
  5. The beauty of the internet is that jbeuler can ask Mike Kinney directly on this forum, which he views on occasion. Why don't you ask the man or Meiz himself?
  6. I was kind of thinking it was more in Honor of the Deer creek fish...
    As for the value of the rod, FT is right. Great price for a very solid rod.
  7. It depends on the time of the year. If you caught them below Deer Creek in June or July than they probably were.

    I am sure you already knew that though.

    There are decent numbers of steelhead in the Stilly these days, just not that many in June and July....at least from my experience and I don't think anyone can argue that it wasn't A LOT better years and years ago during those months.
  8. JB,
    You seem like a nice guy, but you're wound a little tight. People who know about Deer Creek will no doubt recognize the name, but for those who have never heard of Deer Creek, I seriously doubt that they come in hordes to target the few remaining Deer Creek. There are lots of things in life that warrant worrying, but this isn't one of them. Relax... life's too short to get spun up over a rod name.

  9. I digressed on my last post. I like both the 15' 8/9wt and the 12.5 5/6wt. I was going to get the 15' 8/9, but decided to up the ante and get a super tricked out 15' MKS 8/9/10wt. The TFO 15' 8/9 worked really well for me with the Nextcast Winter Authority and the CND 8/9 or 9/10 GPS depending on your casting stroke. I really, really like the 5/6, which I tested at AATF's Sunday sessions. It was lined with a Hardy line. I'm thinking of getting it if I don't make my own rod from a Rainshadow blank. Haven't tried the other TFOs.
  10. What I posted was a rant. I am not losing any sleep over this. It was more melodramatic than you guys realize. It is not like I would be pissed if someone I knew bought one of those rods.

    Sorry, I apologize sincerely for hijacking the thread.

    Seriously though, this doesn't bother anyone else?

    If it doesn't, than I am VERY surprised.
  11. I've cast the 5/6. It's sweet. Super smooth and suprisingly powerful. I am contemplating saving my pennies and buying one for half pounders and smaller races of summer fish. I really think as far as fishability goes it doesnt get too much better. Why drop 750 on a factory built rod when you can get one that fishes almost as good for less than half that. If I'm dropping big money on a rod it's a burkheimer.

    As far are your hijak beuhler I wouldnt worry too much. The stilly is already crowded. Did the skagit get more crowded when people named spey lines "skagit lines"? I think your fear is irrational and slightly ridiculous
  12. I tried a Deer Creek series 7/8 at the Sandy Clave last May and thought it a very nice rod. They're a slower action than I favor tho. Geared toward Skagit heads I think.

    Jason, your rant was off the wall, even for you. I thought the name Deer Creek is a natural, as Mike lives at Oso near the mouth of Deer Creek. What could be more natural than that for a name?
  13. Fine you guys got me. Double sorry. No more.
  14. If it will ease your mind any, I bought the 7/8 weight Kenney/Meiser Deer Creek rod based on my interaction with one of the two creators of the rod. Never even heard of Deer Creek till now. For all I knew, it was some feel good name like they put on housing additions (i.e. "Shady Glen" or "View of Landfill")

    But, now that you mentioned it, I'll have to go check it out :)
  15. It's unfortunate we had that one day all the posts from that day were deleted, because Meiser went into the thought behind the name. I hope he pots it again, because it is the final word. In short, what I read was that the name was a tribute to Mike Kinney as Mike is very fond of that water and thats the name of his guiding company. It wasn't named like a car or anything like that.
  16. I have the 5/6 and love it, though its more of a true 7. A great little rod for the money. But I do have to say once you cast this rod for a day, then at the end of the day go pick up a GLX dredger, and you will feel a world of difference (hence the unimodulus graphite). But I do love the 5/6 since it has been dialed in, its a little cannon.
  17. Just a reminder to those that don't know this, Deer Creek is closed to all fishing and has been for 50 years or more.
  18. Deer Creek is the name of Mike Kinneys guiding company, a natural name to use on a rod series he helped design. I cast the 13' this last Friday when Mike was helping me with my casting on the Skagit. I liked the rod quite a bit, especially given the price. If anybody needs work on their 2-handed casting they should look him up. Worth every penny. I actually didn't think of myself as that awful of a caster, but pretty much every aspect of my casting came under scrutiny. Turns out, I've got some bad habits to break...
  19. Don't we all! ;)
  20. In one sense, the name is generic. Aren't there Deer Creeks in every state? More specifically, it's a fitting tribute to the Deer Creek that was and remains the natal stream for the native run of steelhead in the North Fork of the Stillaguamish. In West Coast terms, it's as important a shrine as the Junction Pool on the Beaverkill is to New England trout fishermen.

    Yes, it's closed to fishing in its own right. That has delayed the inevitable. And when the last of the North Stilly native-runs have gone to join the passenger pidgeon and the California golden bear, some of us will still park behind the fire station and totter down there to look at the water and think of what was.

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