..Thoughts on TFO Deer Creek Spey Rods

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by fullerfly, Nov 7, 2007.

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    I actually met Mike Kinney the other day and couldn't help but notice his diamond encrusted Rolex and Hummer he was driving at the boat launch. He also said that with the money he made from the Deer Creek rod, he is buying an island in the Seychelles and opening a lodge with a private jet................JUST KIDDING.

    The guy was very nice and very quiet. He shot down the Skagit ahead of us in his drifter and we didn't see him again on our drift and we didn't catch anything but a little dollie.......I wonder why?!?!
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    Huh Hum,

    Back to thoughts on the Deer Creek Rod. It seems most are using this rod for Skagit and tip work. How does it fish with a full floater? Just curious to see how it is for all around versatility.

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    Les, Very well said!

    Mark, I have only thrown floating scandi and skagit lines on the Deer Creek and the MKS, both do a very good job of getting the line out there with minimal effort. I have not thrown a Delta, however, it is said to work very, very well (according to Bob) on both rods.
  4. thewaker Tight line takes ain't no fakes!!

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    Thanks Cal
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    The TFO Deer Creek rods and the Meiser MKS rods are all able to cast Skagit, Scandi, short-belly (55' or belly length Windcutter, Delta, SA Short Spey, etc), and mid-belly (65'-70' belly length MidSpey, SA Classic Spey, Rio PowerSpey, Delta Long, etc.)lines. The longer ones (meaning 14'-15') can also easily cast long-belly (75'-100' belly) lines. Meiser and Kinney designed them to be very versitile rods, which is why they easily cast a pretty large range of grs.
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    try a cnd gps for a full floater...
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    If you caught a little dolly behind Mike (the river vacuum) you did good! For most following Mike, the best you can hope for is to see some nice birds and pretty scenery.
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    iagree I have a 7/8 Deer Creek with the CND gps and after cutting the floating tip back about 3 feet for better turn over the combination is pimptastic.