Thoughts on the bust?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by daveypetey, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Fished all day today. Two 10 inch fishes. Some of the bluest SRC I've been lucky enough to catch, don't get me wrong, but I was totally stumped. I went threw a number of patterns, but didn't even see any fish. Was it the clear skies, the complete lack of wind, the full moon? I was only using an intermediate sinking tip. Should I have switched to a deeper sinking set up? The water fowl were way out from the shore and didn't appear to be feeding much at all, in contrast to the past few days when they have been feeding only about 60ft out. So frustrating, but still so much better than work. :mad:
  2. Last few times I've been to the beach (I think possibly the same one you've been hitting) I haven't gotten a thing. I'd be happy with two 10 inchers. :)

    I've found it just happens that way sometimes. SRC seem a bit mysterious. Sometimes they're there, sometimes not, and I imagine it would take something close to a lifetime of fishing for them very regularly to ever really figure it out.

    I think sometimes the fish just aren't there. For whatever reason. When they are there, I feel like I normally see them (jumping, swirling, etc.), and if I can see them I can usually get a couple of takes.

    Anyway, like you said--way better than being at work, so stop whining!


  3. Nope, it was bad bad bad for me today looking for sea run cutthroats. I failed to "note" the big 3 foot tide change! No wonder it sucked! I caught fish yesterday.....go figure, dumb luck. There is need for a larger tide change, there just wasn't any movement in the water.
  4. DP,
    I wouldn't consider catching two fish a bust. Hell sometimes a skunk isn't even a bust.
    Searuns have a big pond to play in. Where you caught them before doesn't mean you'll have success there again the next time.
    Just when you think you've got it dialed in and success is guaranteed, that will be the day the fish kick you in the junk.
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  5. Glad to hear I wasn't alone in my aloneness. Thanks all.
  6. Interesting experience today...fished the outgoing all morning and got nothing. Didn't even see a swirl. Since I had the day off, I decided to have lunch and try the incoming tide. It was a completely different world out there. Between 12:45 and 2:00, I had a fish on every 4-5 casts it seemed but only landed five. Cutties and Resident Coho between 10" and 16". At 2:00, they just turned off completely and the action stopped again. It was definitely worth the 4 hour wait...must have caught them passing through.
  7. Crap I was driving between spots at that exact time!!!
  8. Yeah it was bizarre but a nice surprise to say the least. Very short window.
  9. Out in MA13 around 1140 and stayed till ldr and nothing else. A fellow showed up just after me and got a nice SRC (looked to be 18" about an hour in) otherwise zip.
    I did enjoy being out and watching all the Bald Eagles quarreling with what appeared to be Osprey.
    I always get my limit of scenery and peacefulness every trip and for that I am thankful, eventually I will hit a pocket of silver and green and I will be doubly cheered :)

    I did take home a 4" X 5' section of Black PVC that washed up onto the beach...score! New Flashabou dispenser for the tying desk once I mess with it a little bit. (pics to come)
  10. I'll be back at it tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up
  11. I should have hit the beach today instead of the river and would have probably been able to shake the skunk off in the salt.
  12. Takin' a bit of perverse pleasure in realizing that yesterday's and today's skunkings weren't singular isolated incidents!! :D

    OTOH, I second Eyejuggler's opinion on the value of scenery and peace!
  13. So, I spent 3 hours on a local beach without even a take and you aren't happy with a couple of 10" fish? Ya don't hear this guy complaining at all, I had a great day. Fish were there, I just gotta get them. On another day, I might report six to hand.

    Davey, no sympathy from this guy, seems like all went well for you. Perhaps your expectations are way to high.

    I figure if I get a couple of opportunities, I be happy.

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  14. Ha! Touche!
  15. Perspective, expectations and standards. We each set our own.
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