Thoughts on Winchester 1300 20 ga. pump?

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  1. Was looking for a used 1200 12 ga. and happened upon an immaculate 1300 20 ga. for $200 locally. I've wanted to upgrad my old single shot 20 ga. used for huns and doves but was going to do it after I picked up a new 12 ga. pump.

    I've never shot the 1300 20 ga., have you? What are your opinons?


  2. For 200 bucks - buy it. You can always get that out of it if you decide you don't really like it. THat's what I would do!

  3. If in the condition you described not a bad deal. Not the best designed auto shotgun IMO but not bad for $200.

    Small lightweight 20 would be a nice little dove, hun gun
  4. I support your purchase of a 20 gauge for the birds you indicated, it's much more sporting. I've never understood why anyone would want to use a 12 gauge on doves. That is like using a .416 Rigby on whitetail deer.
  5. But you can get better penetration with a 12 gauge:ray1::ray1::rofl:
  6. Sporting? To me that means the animal has a chance... We're talking hunting. They won't with either. It's lighter. That can translate to more fun. That's cool! But if more sporting means an animal that would have been dead with a 12 limps away to die tomorrow, there's nothing sporting about it.

    Wood furniture on this gun? Sounds a little high. I mean I can barely get $300 for a 12 ga wingmaster. And that's a lot more gun. I'd look around a little more. Winchesters feel very nice on the pump. They are a good gun. But it just seems high.
  7. The only restriction necessary with a 20 gauge is on the person using it. Keep your shooting to targets that are in range and you'll kill as many birds, or more, than the the hunter using a 12 bore. There are also a number of benefits to using a 20 including reduced recoil, (something that is very important in dove shooting), less weight to carry, and usually less expense in shells. I think the best part of using a 20 is being able to accuse 12 gauge users in dove shoots and grouse and quail hunts as being over gunned and uncouth. That 's what my hunting partners get anyway. Now, if you want to take it a bit farther, there is the argument that semi-automatics and pump shotguns are also uncouth and less sporting but maybe that is fodder for another thread.

    Do take your new 20 gauge to a range a few times to get yourself ready for the upcoming seasons. There is a difference in range and maybe pattern for 20's depending on the chokes in your new gun. Good luck and I hope you'll post accounts of your 20 gauge adventures.
  8. Wood. Thanks for the input.

    Do you still have that Wingmaster? I'd love to find a used Wingmaster (wood) for $300.
  9. Ken, Philster thanks for the thoughts. I've shot a few birds with my old 20 ga., learned the hard way about taking shots out of range. Nothing takes the fun out of shooting light like seeing wounded birds. Would love to find a 16 ga. over and under for smaller game as well.
  10. I've slayed mountain quail, valley quail, and grouse in Southern Oregon with a Win 1300 hundred for years, and since I've been in Washington I've nailed a few grouse with it. I absolutely love that gun. I never understood why the comparable 870 is more popular. If you don't buy it, tell me where I can!
  11. I've owned a 1300 for years and think they are great guns. I have put a variety of shells through it, from low brass 9's to buckshot, and have never had any problem with it. I think that is a steal for $200.
  12. $200 for a winchester 1300 20 gauge is an outstanding value. if you look on guns america or similar sites you will find used 20 gauge 1300's going for $300 to well over $400 depending on condition.

    I have shot a 1300 and couldn't find anything to complain about, other than it didn't have two barrels.

    upton... have you ever patterned a shotgun before?
    you can always wound a bird, but you can't make one too dead.

    a twenty gauge is great for anything from geese and ducks over decoys to little tiny doves.
  13. Han, I pattern all of my shotguns using all of the different chokes, if interchangeable, as well as all of the different loads I shoot through them. I didn't own a 12 gauge for 10-12 years and shot everything, including waterfowl,with my Browning Superposed Lightening 20 gauge. With the advent of steel shot I switched to a 12 gauge even though all of my duck and goose hunting is done over decoys. I think Sam is going to enjoy the fun of small bore hunting and it sounds like the 1300 is an excellent firearm in spite of holding three shells and having only one barrel.
  14. To your question: if it's as described, great deal. Buy it. It will work fine for you.

    Regarding 20 vs 12: age old debate. I prefer the 12 because if I want(ed) less recoil, like a 20, I'd use a lighter 12 ga load. IMHO, it's a more versatile gauge. But, that's only experience gained from being raised in and a family whose dad is a gunsmith and owns a gunshop and literally has worked on and sold thousands of guns over the last 30+ years, and whose brother later was a gun buyer for Sportsman's Warehouse and . . .
  15. A lot of that has to do with the fact that the 1300 was discontinued, and it has become the darling of the Zombie Gun/Tactical shotgun fans, because :

    A: You can't buy a new one, and

    B: It truly is one of the smoother and faster cycling guns on the market.

    As I said in my post, I do think they are a good gun. I just don't value things based on market value. Look at the aftermarket parts and accessories, different barrels available, etc. for 870s, Mossbergs, even Benellis. I like having a gun I can throw a trap barrel with choke tubes on, then a 24 inch field barrel, a slug barrel, and maybe a 18.5 inch shorty for camping/boat. And with a Mossberg those barrels are about half the price or less than a remington barrel.

    You want a fast upland bird gun, go for it. As others have stated, it'll do the job and you certainly aren't getting ripped off. I like multi-taskers. A used benelli Nova, or Mossberg will go for about the same.

    And in my mind the only reason to shoot a 20 at a duck, let alone a goose, is because it's the only gun you own.
  16. hopefully I am not dissuading a potential wingmaster sale for the sake of argument; but after factoring in all the complications philster mentioned the gun is not a beater and it only costs $200! its hard to walk away from deals like that even if you don't subscribe to market value.
    that being said; $300 for a used wingmaster is one hell of a good deal too. I would buy both.

    as far as waterfowl goes I am a heavy gauge fan through and through, I am even trying a ten gauge this year - mainly because i am looking for a shorter shot string, more pellets and a square load. however with the advent of non toxic heavy shots there is absolutely no reason not to take on waterfowl with a twenty gauge. I wouldn't use it for pass shooting but as I stated above, for decoying birds it would fit the bill quite nicely. you might have to let a few go by with out shooting, but like fly fishing thats where a blood sport becomes art.

    Upton- i couldn't agree with you more. just because I prefer the larger gauges doesn't mean I can deny the effectiveness of a twenty in skilled hands.
  17. I actually wasn't trying to sell my wingmaster. You'll note that the guns I really pushed were a Benelli and a Mossberg for the ability to get reasonably priced aftermarket and OEM parts and barrels. I also have no intention of pushing the OP off of a 20 gauge if that's what he wants, and my WM is a 12, which I'm not keen on shipping (never done it... Seems complicated). I just react negatively when someone suggests a 20 gauge as a goose gun. I just cant help it :ray1:

    I'll stick to my bigger guns on Waterfowl. We've all been there (at least I have in California). A day or two goes by with nothing but high flyers. With an hour left one glides in. He's out of reliable 20 range. Most would take the shot anyway after 2 days. After the first half of the first day, my Mossberg 12 (overbored to 10 gauge, really throws tight patterns) would have already been loaded with 3 inch Flite Controls and I'd have already screwd in the full choke. After Patterning with Buck at 50 yds with those flite controls, I'd be comfortable reaching out, and knowing that I'd either get a quick kill, or a clean miss from the tight patterning.
  18. philster, I was commenting on the OP's interest in your gun rather than your interest in selling your wingmaster.

    calling any twenty gauge/load combo a bona fide exclusive "goose gun" - as YOU put it- is too far a reach even for me. however for shooting geese OVER DECOYS it is more than enough especially if your shooting 3" loads, I thought I made that clear in my other two posts?

    if I had nothing but high flyers for two days straight while using a twenty gauge I would resign my self to only shooting within my chosen handicap - kinda like when one leaves the gear rod at home and brings the fly rod- just because you have decoys out and the birds are above them doesn't mean they are in range.


    I would take a serious look at my spread and see what the problem was...


    move to a new location...


    if I was honest enough with myself to know that my goose calling sucked, I have a crappy decoy spread -in a poor location, and that I was a marginal shot and didn't have the self restraint not to sky bust with a 20gauge .... I would leave the twenty at home and bring the 3.5" roman candle shooting 12 with me.
  19. Skip ahead to 4:23 :clown:
  20. My last gun was an 870 express with synthetic stock. Was a solid gun but I'm looking for something with more soul. I've shot a couple Benellis but most of their line up was overkill, out of my price range, or didn't have the right feel (nova) for me.

    I still shoot my old single shot 20 and love the simplicity, used to jump ducks with it growing up and hope my future kids will use it too. I've never tried a 20 ga. on pheasants, figured that I couldn't effectively knock them down with the smaller gauge.

    Question for you all: what shells do you use for 20 ga pheasant shot?

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