Thoughts/Opinions on a multi-head shooter for a Redinton CPX 7wt Switch.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Jordan Simpson, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. I'm hoping to get a 7wt Redington CPX and was wondering if anyone had any suggesions on a fly line for that rod. I'm not really wanting to have to buy extra spools and multiple lines ($$$$), so I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on a multi-head shooter for it.
    My single hand spools are loaded with a floater, a clear intermediate, and a Type III uniform sink. I was thinking of a floating running line and then hopefully have three heads, one of each of the previously mentioned.


  2. That would work fine if you get the right length and weight heads in those float/sink options. I use some Rio AFS sinking heads on one of my switch rods and really like carrying the heads in a wallet and no extra spools.
  3. Yeah Mumbles, that's the plan. I like to keep it simple on the beach. The beach I fish for coho I know fairly well so I like to pack lightly- makes it easier to bike to and walk the beach: a few snacks in my jacket pocket, a flybox and leader/tippet is usually all I like to take with me. My cell phone has a camera in it so I have that covered.
    I was hoping to get a wallet to keep the heads in and keep it simple.

    How do I know what length the heads should be? Can I just get a running line and then purchase pre-measured heads, or is there a multi-tip system already there?
    Is the Rio Versitip a good option?
  4. I am not a fan of the rio versitip on my switch rods. Might just be me, but those seem to be better tools on my single handed rods. If money were no option and you insisted on the head only system I'd buy a full set of Airflo Forty Plus lines in the sink rates I wanted and chop off the running lines (thereby converting one of the running lines into the running line I needed and getting me spare running lines). I like the forty plus lines a lot.

    The Rio AFS heads come in varied sink rates and are very good options too. I use two different ones on my switch rods in the winter on smaller water. This option would get you three heads at about $20 less compared to buying the full Airflo Forty Plus lines, or $60 total for the three sink rates. You still would have to get that shooting line though. Maybe you dial in the head you like and then post a Wanted To Buy for the others.

    I'm sure there are other options out there, but the AF 40+ and Rio AFS are the ones I've used.
  5. Does this idea make any sense: Buy a level running line, and then just buy heads? Does that sound like a lot of money? Does that idea even work? I am completely knew to the whole switch/spey thing so I really have no idea how to go about this. Money is an issue, so I can't really afford some super-kit (though the one I saw on the Rio site did look pretty slick), so was hoping to slowly acquire heads as money allowed. Start with a floating and an intermediate maybe?
  6. Get yourself a mono runner, which are typically less expensive than say a ridge running line would be. Then grab a 425gr skagit, or something close, that fits your stroke and the tips you wanna cast, while stayin in your grain window. and let that puppy saaaaail.
    prlly your cheapest route. They also make switch heads that do the same thing, tho I really think you would be fine either way. just make sure the line matches, by testin them before you purchase.

  7. This is what Mumbles was talking about...yes it works! To really have a good idea what you want or need, you first have to have an understanding what your needs are, then you'll have to get a good working understanding of line systems in general. At current, your working understanding of two handed lines is in it's and heads not the same, these terms are not interchangeable. Go to the Welches Fly Shop web site and read the advertisements. Mark, is very good at explaining the uses and types of lines. Doing so will build your vocabulary and understanding, as terms are used in context, of the tools available to you. It is at that point, you'll be better equipped to ask a question and digest the answer.

    Welcome to the two handed world!
  8. I have limited experience with them, but I do know that Rio makes 30ft shooting heads (~$40 for head only, no running line) in various densities (ie. floating, sinking, etc) and grain weights (you'd need something like 250-300 gr, but don't quote me on that). You'd run a poly leader off the shooting head to mono or just mono off the head.

    Shooting heads do what their name implies, launch a lot of line out on a cast, but are probably useless anywhere out of the salt.

    Since there is no need to mend in saltwater, 40lb Amnesia might make a good running line, and it shoots like no other and is cheap (<$10). Check Ebay or your local saltwater tackle shop.
  9. Yeah, I've read a bit about using Amnesia, and was thinking about it since it's going to be a salt rod and Amnesia is pretty cheap.
    So does this make sense then, since Heads are different than tips:
    Amnesia running line, and then various heads?
  10. You might end up using just a floating tip- I think that's what most people use for salmon in the salt. If you have only a float tip, you can use different density poly leaders or differently weighted flies to get a small degree of depth control. Again, I must mention that my experience with these heads is limited (lawn and pond-cast only).
  11. I would disagree that shooting heads are useless in the salt. The Airflo 40+, Rio Outbound, Rio Outbound Short, Wulff Ambush Triangle Taper and many more are shooting head lines attached to thinner running/shooting line. These can be great tools in the salt water or freshwater depending on your abilities, creativity and needs.

    I don't have my handy CPX switch rod chart that lists the grain weight window of that rod. Anyone got those specs handy? This process is not as complicated as you might think. Starting with what the manufacturer says that grain window is would be a very good way of getting you in the ballpark of what line head weight you might want to try. The head length and taper are other variables that are dictated by location and casting style.
  12. Mumbles- I meant shooting heads in the strictest definition, ie. 30ft head w/o attached line. Maybe not quite useless in the fresh water, but definitely tough to use.
  13. 30' head w/o attached line would be tough to use and useless...may want to at least granny knot the head to the tip top, if your not going to attach it to a running the strickest definition of head use of course.
  14. you must be talking about some sort of new spey-tenkara setup, I think you're on to something. Easy mends, no tangles, reel to worry about. The only downside is that you can't shoot any line, although shouldn't matter much since few of us can cast more than 20-30 feet anyways.
  15. Speaking of Spey/Tenkara, there is a video on youtube of a Shimano rep I think from Japan who tenkaras for steelhead using pretty much a spey/tenkara set up. It's sorta nuts. Not the prettiest style of fishing, but it worked I guess...for him...
  16. I guess you missed the point of my post...I was actually poking fun at you about your comment "the head with out running line attached".

    Anyway, quit helping this poor guy. You have so far passed along more misinformation and confusion than anything. Now you have poor Jordan side tracked on tenkara... Not trying to be a jerk, just figured tact would be misunderstood and the point lost.

  17. I can't wait to fish with James Waggoner,but he's got to crack jokes all day long.

    Sea run, get you some heads, attach some mono or other running line and give it a whirl. Have a blast.
  18. Thanks Mumbles. I think that will be the plan! Trying to get geared up for coho and pinks as soon as I can here!
  19. Well I can't wait to fish with Ed Call, but he's got to put me into some sea runs and pinks all day long.
  20. James- feel free to correct me if I post false info, but don't call me out if I try to respond in kind to your jibe. I doubt the tenkara reference led Jordan astray.

    FYI, I found that the Rio switch 6/7 line works well with 10ft poly leaders for swinging or nymphing on this rod for rivers. A good compromise between roll, overhead, and spey casting ability.

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