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  1. was having a little fun at the vice and tied this. I like it and am going to tie it in a few different colors and smaller. what are your guys thoughts on the fly?
  2. It's a great looking tie, and it looks like it would move nice in soft currents. But what really matters is that you like it. That's a starting point for a confidence pattern. Get it wet and let something grab it.
  3. I think it looks good. Perhaps a bit overdressed - but I am no expert
    Different color combos should be interesting.
    All in all - I like it. The type or fly I like to tie
  4. I like it alot, very well tied. What is the wing material, if you don't mind sharing?
  5. oh I have confidence in my fly tying. its what I do for a living. I just love showing flies and seeing what people think about them.
  6. not at all. the body is floss with 6/0 purple thread for a rib. the wing is just ringneck pheasant rump. and guinea for the tail and color.
  7. Looks good, and if you compare it against many other flies of the same style its far from overdressed...

    Nice fly.
  8. Eunan - what do we call the style. Just curious??
  9. I guess every mans style is different. I wasn't making a dig at you directly, sorry if it came across that way.

    For me that fly is pretty simply dressed, and i guess i based that on the flies i usually tie,though it looks like it will move a lot of water with the collar and wing, as compared to a more willowy collar hackle.
  10. You didn't come across as anything. I was wondering if there was a name associated with a style so I could check it out. Nothing more!!
  11. thanks for the thoughts guy. yeah its not really heavily dressed. I wont fish flies like that lol. I would cry if I lots some of he stuff I have seen S Fontinalis tie.
  12. Nice looking fly, nice balance and no bumps. I'd put that puppy in my fly box in a heart beat.
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  13. I cry every time I send one out in the mail!!
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  14. Sorry, meant "confidence" as in a reliable working pattern,...not about the assurance to tie well.
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  15. okay I got you now. sorry about that
  16. I say..... fishy style.. meaning is so fishy looking that it will just catch fish no questions asked. just throw it in the water and oh look a fish. fishy...... the drug for fish, lol
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  17. I tend to ask a lot of questions. The tone of the message can really be misinterpreted on line
    I like the fly - I've not ribbed a body with thread - I like!!
  18. I think is a good thing to ask questions when you want to know. and the fishy style popped in my head after having a smartass conversation on facebook and reading this. I could not resist saying it. lol
    yes I love using thread as a rib when I am looking for a flat rib style fly. I don't like using tinsel that much and wire gives it a bumpy look. when I can I use thread for a rib. it gives a cool look and is everyday material.

    if you have any other questions on it just ask no worries.

    and for my dressy flies lol here you go.

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  19. That is a very nice modern, steelhead hairwing-wet syle fly that uses pheasant rump instead of hair for the wing. One can use pheasant rump, hair, marabou, or even Krystal Flash or Flashabou for the wing on this style of fly. Heck, you could made the body from floss as you did here, chenile, Estaz (and its relatives), dubbing, wrapped quill (hackle quill or turkey or goose quill that has been split and scraped to get the pith out of it, yarn, Swiss Straw, or pretty much anything else.
  20. My thoughts? Hell, just toss it in a plastic box with the rest of your flies.... :D

    For Oregon, I'd tie it in purple. For some reason, the SRC in Washington like yellow patterns and the SRC in Oregon like purple or pink patterns.
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