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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    What thread(s) do you use for tying small flies (into the 20's)? I've been researching veevus and see the 12/0 to 14/0 seems to have a breaking strength of about 18 ounces.

    I've been using 6/0 and 8/0 tying thread as that's all I have and it's getting bulky on the flies. 6/0 is the worst and I can see I'll have issues with some of the smaller patterns with the 8/0.

    So, recommendations for a semi-heavy handed tyer who thinks 18 ounce thread might be an issue. What do you use and how do you like it?

    Guess I won't be tying any #24 muddlers with that thread.
  2. Big E Moderator

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    I've been eyeing that Veevus thread. Breaking strength of 18 oz is really good for 12/0. Benecchi 12/0 has a 16 oz break strength which is comparable to 8/0 Uni.

    If you need more than that you may need to switch to a 50 denier GSP with a break strength of over triple of the above threads mentioned.
  3. GAT Active Member

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    I use both the Benecchi 12/0 and recently, the Veevus 14/0. Both are excellent tying threads for small patterns so I recommend either one. Benecchi is kind'a hard to find in the NW but Hareline now carries Veevus so it should be available through your local fly shop.
  4. Dave Evans Active Member

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    Now that steelhead is over for me I have switched to flies for Rocky Ford so many 18-22's. I have been using Griffith 14/0 shear and really like it. JStockard has it.
  5. ScottP Active Member

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    Are you using Uni 6/0 and 8/0? If you go with some of the flat threads like UTC 70 and MFC 8/0 and even some Danville 6/0 (which is 70 denier), tying stuff down to #22-#24 is not a big deal.

  6. Kenneth Yong Member

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    I use the Gordon Griffith 14/0 Sheer Ultrafine thread for flies #14 and smaller. Available in about a dozen colors, supposed to break at 16oz., I don't know what the real breaking strength is, but it's strong.

  7. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    I did not know that the 8/0 Uni that I am currently using has the same breaking strength of the 12/0 14/0 veevus that I'm considering. That is enlightening. I thought I was going to have to learn thread breaking strengths all over again.

    I have the Griffiths and Veevus in the "wish list" from a e-fly shop. No one locally carries it. Thanks for all the responses. I'll order some.
  8. jeff bandy Make my day

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    Man, I wish i knew the manufacturer of the stuff I've been using. I got it from my mother before she passed. She was a sewer and used this were you didn't want to see the thread yet needed something strong. Small as say 6X tippet. Zero stretch and it will bend the hook if you pull hard. At first I had a hard time with it cutting the material. Now that I have gotten used to it I just don't pull it too tight. It's so small I can take multiple wraps on a #26 without building out to much.
  9. psycho Active Member

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    I have been using Veevus for a while now, I have not had a thread break even the 17-0. I have it in 10-0 to 17-0. I like it better than Benechi.
  10. Jack Devlin Active Member

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    I have come to like Griffiths Sheer 14/0 very much. Good strength and flattens real nice. My only complaint/regret is that Griffiths doesn't offer it in more colors. Formerly, I tied only with UNI products but now prefer the Griffiths. Haven't yet tried Veevus or Bennechi.
  11. kelvin Active Member

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    I have heard Montana Fly has a good small thread be have not found it anywhere
  12. ScottP Active Member

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    I just got a few spools of the 6/0 at Lakestream in Whitefish. It's about the same diameter as Uni 8/0 but flat like Danville Flymaster; ties up very well. There's a few places that sell it online - The Fly Shop, Blue Ribbon.

  13. kelvin Active Member

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    thanks for the tip have to give it a try
  14. pittendrigh Active Member

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    I use 14/0 for almost everything size #10 or above.
    For big flies I use 8/0. More wraps makes a stronger fly.
    I have a drawer full of 6/0 I never use. I need to get rid of it.
  15. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    Ok got to ask since I've been tying since 1962 WTF is a Veevus? Sounds pretty inviting, if a thin thread its already been broken, sorry to steel this
  16. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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  17. pittendrigh Active Member

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    I didn't know about Veevus. Sounds like good stuff. If not the best. I'll have to try it out.
    Too bad they don't have blue dun gray and light brown.

    I have drawers full of thread. Most tiers use black the most, I think. I almost never use black. I usually choose the color that most closely matches the body color of the fly. Which is expensive--which is why I have so many spools of thread (I won't say in my drawers). I do like 14/0 thread. It makes your flies look neat and tidy. Even when you're a scatter brained tier.
    Ah. OK! They do have a zillion colors. Not at the link posted above perhaps. But Veevus makes lots of colors. I'm sold..................Heavenly Father Internet. Hey nay oh way
  18. GAT Active Member

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    I just started using the Veevus thread and the stuff seems stronger than Spiderman's web (he's dead, now :eek:).

    As far as thread color goes... all you need is white thread and some magic markers :)
  19. John Clark Member

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    I use UTC non-waxed on everything down to 22's. With a spin to untwist the thread it will lay flat and has a high breaking strength. smaller than that I use griffiths 14.
  20. Sue K. New Member

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    Jeff, new member here, came upon your post. No seamstress I... However ? I did send your post to a few friends who I know know these things and sure enough, got a good lead .... the consensus was :

    It’s called invisible thread. It’s nylon and has several manufacturers. Any quilt store will have it, also the chains Joann’s Fabric and Hancock Fabrics. Some brands are Sulky, Guttermann, and Dritz. (Sue here, one friend preferred Sulky.) There are weight differences between brands and it usually comes in two colors, clear and smoke. A spool costs between $2.99 for 273 yards and $3.99 for 440 yards. If you don’t have a store near you, there are several online places you can order from.

    Me? I would take the spool in that you do have (if you still have it) and show to the most senior staff person at the shop, we're talking , you know, the 55 and above ladies ....

    Good luck.
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