Thread only for those planning to attend the Hoh Down in 4.5 months

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Sean, 45 minutes after arrival you were puking and passed out. Wow! An hour after that you were seemingly recovered and pounding it again...up early and on the water touching one of the few fish of the week. Nice work, good to be young.

    Now would be a good time for those that are not sure what the Hoh Down is all about to type Hoh Down in the search box!
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  3. moral of the story is you just don't give the drunk guy everclear cleverly disguised as kahlua. i believe i cracked my first beer on the ferry over. had my 5th and 6th at Brazda's house. and after arrival at the oxbow i was on slippery slope, beer, whiskey and... stuff. I blame Davey! everynight was a rough night. i seem to have fuzzy recollection of me, ryan and Jerry sittin in our waders around the fire at 4am!
  4. A Belgain Tripple would rock!
  5. I love me a good belgian! But I'm not entirely sure that a belgian would be the way to go for having around the campfire while noshing on bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers. A belgian dark strong would be more appropriate than a tripel. But as far as the strong beers, I think the stout will be the ticket.
  6. Alright everyone... stay with me on this one...

    I think it'd be fun as hell to do up a real, craft malt liquor. Not to be confused with its bastard sibling that comes in 40oz bottles with screw caps.
  7. You lost me at the malt liquor. I can hear Fred Sanford shouting at Lamont to bring him some ripple...clutching his heart and looking to the heavens telling Elizabeth he was coming.
  8. yes... ^^

    have u ever brewed anything using coffee? a coffee porter or possibly some sort of fruit based beer such as blueberry to go with pancakes? (and a lower alch%)

    just brainstorming.
  9. God, I don't know how I do it. Yeah, we were drinking and smoking (well I was smoking cigars) around that camp fire until about 2 hours before I had to get up to start breakfast. No wonder when I finally got home I slept for a day. This kid is getting to old for this shit. LOL. Was a great time though.

    Yeah, pounding Kahlua mixed with everclear wasn't a great combo. But hey, you truly did the "puke and rally" with it. :)
  10. I've brewed beers with coffee, but I think I get the same effect, only better out of using a few different heavily roasted malts. As for fruit beers... Really?
  11. Crisp hard cider and OJ. The poboy mamosa ;)
  12. Allagash White + Orange Juice = Beermosa

    Or, the poor man's version can be done with Blue Moon.

    Shit, I should do a white ale just for beermosa purposes.
  13. Mexican Beer, Fruit Beer, Coffee Beer?

    The hell.

    Evan - just craft up some good dark, thick, n frothy low carbonation beer that we can man up on. I agree with Mumbles - if you can shine a flashlight through it, then you might as well buy it at a store. That's just my opinion.
  14. Two of many of your highly admirable qualities. Agreeing with me and drinking good beer, well played.
  15. Root beer...................................
  16. No Jim Beam...........................I ain't coming.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. I can see the logic in that. We can't all drink beer all the time can we?

    Jim Beam can be arranged. Would you come then or just hem and haw about how far the drive is?
  19. I've had micro brewery and home brew Root Beer, pretty good the way....I'd drink the Malt Liquior, I'll bring my own paper bag.
  20. Hmmmmm. I'll have to design the menu around the beer we're serving. Hell even incorporate it IN the food. ;)

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