Thread only for those planning to attend the Hoh Down in 4.5 months

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Ha!...I think I'm jobless next week so I'm down to help out as well...
  2. Yeah, root beer. I'm allergic to alcohol, sort of. Ok, how about, I have already had my share and I am leaving the rest for you guys.
  3. I don't even think he's a member. It's been so long since I had Jim Beam that I can't remember it or why I drank it. Must have been cheap stuff or we wouldn't have bought it back then. Jim, How do you practice those things you can do at the same time. I can't do half of them and I've only got two years to practice untill I'm that old. I amHopping to make the Hoh down this year but as little as I drink, There's no need to plan for me. I only overconsume it on the coffee. or the sweets at times. I could probably get to feeling pretty good just on what fumes are left in someones glass the next morning. And maybe just as sick. Not supposed to drink with my medications anyway. I'll just have to over eat or have a sugar high and try to keep all of you gentlemen awake. yeah sure never happen.
  4. This thread has saved me a bunch of $$$!
  5. Kerry I'll drink Root Beer with you. We can see what the others go through. and dump cold river water on those who need to recover,. Or just go catch fish while they struggle to come to.
  6. Elaborate?
  7. I sadly missed last years Hoh Down, but it was because my little guy was born that week. I will NOT miss this years! I mourned that weekend thinking about Jerry's food and good times.

    As for beer, I have not heard any votes for an IPA. That would be my vote. I like em nice and hoppy, my favorite being 'hop stoopid' with 102 IBU's. But my second favorite is a nice dark, strong stout, preferably an imperial, and a barley wine is even better!! I will certainly be throwing some cash your way for brew, no problem.

    The only problem is not I'm thinking about the Hoh Down, and have to wait four and half frickin months. Thanks! ptyd
  8. I really liked the Kahlua that was brought myself. That was some good stuff. Reminded me of Idaho.
    As for beer craft what you want I do not drink beer much any more, I will stick to the wiskey though when I do drink beer I like pale ales.
  9. Well I definitelyt want to go! I would also vote for an IPA, but love stouts, porters, etc. As long as it doesnt come in a can Im ok, and would be glad to pitch in some$$$for brews. I will also have to bring rum.
  10. Sean...let me interpret what HikePat just said..."I pounded the home made Kahlua made with Everclear, and pounded it, and pounded it. I did not pass out, puke or get photographed with the mysterious dragon head".
  11. I'm glad I brought that shit.

    I like. Chocolate porter/stout called "The Fudge Dragon".

    You won't regret attending.

  12. There are LOTS of great beers that come in cans.
  13. Yeah, cans called KEGS.
  14. Or... actual cans:
  15. Dry Hopped IPA
  16. While we're at it, why don't we pick a date - I've got to get my schedule requests in for march in 1 month.
  17. While I'm not a beer drinker, I'll drink it if it's free.

    No I ain't coming as it's to damn far for a few drinks with a few buddies. Besides I seem to hit a blizzard every time I go home from there. I
    don't need to drive in that white shit if I don't need to. I've been there twice. and twice is enough for this old bastard.

    You guys go on and have your blast. I'll just think about it.

  18. Dale's Pale Ale in a can is the shit. It's like 10 bucks a six pack though. I'd vote for an IPA or a Pale, and I'm more than happy to contribute to the cause.
  19. Well...what are your suggestions?
    I likely will only be able to make it for the weekend warrior portion...but looming budget cuts might make allow me to extend that for a few days.
  20. I vote for the last full week of March. That way I'm not off partying in the woods chasing steelface while neglecting studying for finals.

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