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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Dave Evans, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. I have gotten carried away over the years with threads, flosses, tinsel, etc. I have been storing it on thread racks from Joann's but now I have three and they are starting to take over my bench space. Curious how others are storing their stuff. I have thought of boxes, but am worried about out of sight, out of mind. Also saw the Wapsi Spool Safe, but not sure about that. Any suggestions?
  2. ArtBin makes a decent thread storage box with two removable trays that allow for stacking spools of thread. Unfortunately the "pins" are not tall enough to hold the upper layer of spools in-place if the box gets tipped.
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  3. i store thread on their bobbin holders and the rest in a plastic shoe box
  4. Joann's also sells large clear plastic boxes with spool rods. I keep my spool in the boxes because they are easy to stack and I can see the thread colors through the clear plastic.
  5. I have some shallow Plano boxes (6 compartment). Each holds two dozen spools of thread, floss or wire,...or 30 spools of Lagartun. My extra stock is kept in a plastic bin. I'm not going to give up desk space for spool racks, and I don't care for dusty floss.
  6. Went to Joann's and bought two of the artbin boxes that RustE mentioned. Perfect. Thanks for the advice.
  7. You're Welcome. I store majority of my materials in ArtBin containers. Thankfully I was able to buy most of them on sale.
  8. If you subscribe to Joann's newsletter they send out lots of coupons for 40 & 50 % off and free shipping. That helps make the prices for plastic more reasonable.;)
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  9. There's a Joann's and a Michael's not far from my home so I'm set for craft stores. I too have used the art storage bins for some items. I take advantage of the coupons quite often. I buy my waterproof markers from Michael's.

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