Thuya lakes. Little Fort, B.C.

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    First post : Please be kind. Bear with me.

    Fishing report for Thuya Lakes Lodge. Little fort, B.C
    I just got back from a awesome weekend trip.
    Fishing was great, best in years. In many of the lakes we caught “Kamloops Trout” from 14”-18”. The sun was shining. The air temp. was 85 degrees. Elevation 4000’-4500’. The fish were down deep. I used a full sinking line , “Green Carrey” and “Six Pack” flyies. We Landed trout after trout. The new owners of the lodge were very nice. The cabins are nice as well. I would recommend this lodge or area to anyone looking for nice fish. We saw lots of wildlife; moose, bear w/cub, deer, and small game.
    Sorry no Pictures available.

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    haven't been to thuya for three years but I'd agree with u-boater. nice rustic resort. you will have to get out to some of the back lakes for fish of the size he reports as the two lakes right at the lodge tend to produce lot's of smaller fish. U-boater which lakes did you hit and how was access? I've had some fantastic days on Dot, 40-50 fish mornings with 7-13" fish and a couple of larger ones thrown in.
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    Tony: we fished Thuya and got 12, 14"ers in the after noon. We drove right to Chuck Lake, walked 100' on nice trail, brought in tubes, 14"-18" trout all day long! Road was good geting a little overgrown. You Can hike in, in about 10min on the older road which is nicer than newer road.
  4. Thuya Lakes have been a long time summer destination for my family, spending a week or so every year for the past 20+ years. Luke and Darlene are gone, but Dawn and Neil Beeman are two of the nicest people ive meet so far. The lakes are awesome. Ive been on every single one up there, and even spent time with luke exploring and finding new ones that had never been fished before, amazing experience. Looking foward to heading up there this fall. Call them up and book a week! Not a chance you'll regret it. perfect family destination.
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    How is the forest doing? This time last year the stuff on the way up it looked like a tinder box because of the pine beetle. This is the first year in 13 that I have not made it upto that neck of the woods. Was the traveling sege hatch over or lingering on? I am guessing the lower lakes were too warm by this time but the higher lakes like thuya, Fish, and others were probably right on (is Antler one of them or am I mixing my names from the chattaway lakes area?). If the fish were deep the traverls were probably long gone. So never mind. Glad you had a great trip.
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    a few years ago i got to be the hero when i was standing in front of the lodge and spotted some smoke way over in the hills beyond dot lake. i pointed it out to darlene and she called the forest guys who were able to put it out quickly. they flew over the lodge and gave us a tip of the wings (least thats what i heard, i was out fishing again by then). lots of thunderstorms up there this time of year and the beetle killed timber is a major catastrophe waiting to happen, way beyond what happened at bonaparte a few years back when parts of the town burned. good that the government is trying to clear out some of that timber, but what they can cut is kinda a drop in the bucket. if they're smart they are cutting in some huge fire breaks, otherwise 1/2 of BC is gonna burn some day. :(