Tim (Ford Fenders) Lockhart at 4th Corner Fly Fishers

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    If you are out at Pass often, you will see Tim in his "old school" belly boat cruising around and you will notice he is usually stripping a fish in. He has generously shared his knowledge here on WFF and recently published his book "Stillwater Strategies." I purchased his book soon after it came out and found it an invaluable source for improving my stillwater techniques. I was also lucky enough to share a brat with him and some other WFF regulars recently at Pass Lake. Here is his bio.

    I have 35+ years of experience fishing locally. Geographically, the core of my stillwater fly fishing experience is in western Washington. Over time I have frequented numerous lakes and ponds in our region, more than I can count, and currently make repeated visits to about a dozen of them. To a lesser extent, I’ve fished stillwater in eastern Washington, Oregon, Idaho and the UK (resided in London 2007-8). I have also fished throughout WA, OR, ID and MO for a wide variety of species; bass, salmon, steelhead and halibut are examples. This includes use of fly rod & reel as well as conventional gear in lakes, rivers and saltwater. At present I fish about 100 times per year. Career: 20+ years in banking and still at it. Started out in downtown Bellingham after graduating WWU.

    The meeting is this Thursday (April 25) at Bellingham Country Club. This promises to be a very well attended event. "Wet Fly" hour starts at 6 pm with adult beverages for sale, dinner is at 7 and the presentation starts right after dinner.You can make your reservation at
    Dinner is about $18 and always quite good. Your reservation costs the club if you don't make it, so be sure to be there if you reserve!
    Tim describes his program:

    Stillwater Fly Fishing - Locating and Attracting Trout: I'll present a lot of the basic principles in the book, as well as offering some good general tips and some knowledge about Pass Lake (and maybe a little on spots in or near Bellingham).

    Copies of his book will be on sale that night and there will be time for Tim to sign his book for you. I hope to see some new faces at the meeting! Rick Todd

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    Put my reservation in this morning. Looming forward to meeting some new fly dudes
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    Just a quick bump for Rick's post. The meeting is coming up on Thursday and it's super helpful if we can get a final count by Weds. AM at the latest. So, if you've been thinking about coming to hear Tim speak, just visit the eventbrite site in Rick's post and place your reservation (be sure to indicate if you're planning to buy dinner or just attend the presentation).
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