Time Change...time for a change

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What should we do with the time changes?

  1. Keep as is

  2. Choose one and never change again

  3. Split the hour change and never change again

  1. Regardless of what they call it, there are a finite numbers of minutes of daylight in any given day. Who really cares? Since I retired, I sleep when I want and fish when I want, and my watch is broken.:)
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  2. Little known fact but Kingsford and other charcoal companies have paid millions to lobbyists to have this date moved earlier in the year.

    Later sunsets = more BBQs = more charcoal and grill sales. Some of us may not care for daylight savings but to others it means millions of dollars

    Pretty amusing.
  3. I simply cannot believe anything like this can happen in the USA... it just cannot be so. Besides, everyone knows propane is where its at.
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  4. The golf industry also makes about $500 million more per year, although its probably closer to $800.
  5. And the above, from an Old Man who pretty much sets his schedule on when his bladder pitches a fit. ;)
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  6. I like daylight savings time. Gives me an extra hour to fish after work. I doubt I would have been able to catch one today without it, so I voted stay the same.
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  7. Agreed. How else would I keep my Smoke Alarm batteries fresh?
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  8. 3:1 say otherwise...a super majority. I'm filing the paperwork tomorrow. :)
  9. ummm.... data set is a bit too small for a proper conclusion...;)

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