Time for a new one?!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. I would love to and also think it would be great uif someone else wanted to orginize it and find a different location for it
    I have aplace in Cle Elum near the Yakima River so we could do it there and go fishing as well
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  2. I'd be down with that. Haven't met many forum folks yet.

  3. someone noted I may have hijacked this thread which was not my intention
    I will start a new one on the Holiday idea

    and since I voted i guess I am in
  4. lol, just saying we should do both, not trying tosay you hijacked it in a bad way. But I really liked the idea of white elephant exchange for flies at the last holiday swap and have been waiting for someone to bring it up this year. I already have a couple flies in mind.

    that being said, I have been tying lots of streamers this week. almost decided on a pattern.
  5. As the original poster, I am not offended at all and I have now caught several species of fish on the flies I "stole" that Pat Lat tied. I'll up my game if I can make it to a face to face this year.
  6. we are doing both so no worries
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  7. I'm going to tie and test a variation that should work at Pass Lake.
  8. 2 more to tie
  9. 015.JPG 127.JPG

    Here is my tan Sculpin pattern
    and it works
    Took it out this morning for a spin just to make sure
    second cast on the Yakima
  10. Uh Kelvin, that looks sweet, and works sweet.

  11. Uhh, yeah, that will work!
  12. mine will be in mail tomorrow
  13. i'm diggin that egg gulpin sculpin
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  14. I saw that pattern at ps fly co. It was a bit bigger and white/natural I'm assuming it was designed with bull trout in mind. I tied some up in all color variations for winter dollies
  15. Geeeesh, I mailed mine last Tuesday. Hope they show up soon....

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