Time to help a fellow WFF'er...(childhood leukemia)

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  1. Hey WFF Crew,

    Childhood leukemia is a rough deal. Treatment is hard on the kids, demands full time attention, and costs a ton. Trevor (goes by TrevorH on WFF) is a hell of a nice guy (even if he can't be bothered to own a cell phone) and his son Neilan is a sweetheart. Whatcom/Skagit WFF folks, if you are out and about this saturday evening, stop into Spark downtown Bellingham and drop a few bucks into the bucket. Read the Bellingham Herald article below.

    I know the guys from Confluence Fly Shop are going to be having a raffle soon as well. So if you aren't around Saturday, you can still help out.

    Also, online donations can be made at http://www.gofundme.com/3kvhw4. Donations by check can be made at Whatcom Educational Credit Union. Make out check to "Grace Dexter-Jones for Neilan Hart," account No. 141263.


    This is a photo of Trevor and Neilan I took last summer. That's a home made bamboo "fish pole" that Trevor made for Neilan (out of some bamboo from the neighbor's yard). And he was teaching him to do little single spey type roll casts with it.


  2. Josh, I'll send you a guided trip certificate to raffle off to help raise funds for this family, please PM me the details if you're interested.
  3. PM incoming Derek. That's rad.
  4. I just sent a donation via the Go Fund Me link. But the receipt said it was going to Sarah Manning. Is that correct, and do you know if all of the money sent will actually go to this little boy and his family?
  5. She's the gal who set up the online donation at gofundme.

    It really 'takes a village' for this sort of thing. Trevor and his wife have a full time job with Neilan's treatment. So it falls to family and friends to do stuff like this.

    No scam here. All the money goes to Neilan and his parents.

    EDIT: And you rule for making the donation.
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  6. Josh, Ed's got the certificate.
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  7. Absolutely rad man. Thank you.
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I am spearheading the fundraising/benefit auction for Neilan Hart. I am a long time friend of Margaret and Trevor's and Neilan and my daughter were born 6 weeks apart so they are great friends! I just want to tell you how much we appreciate you getting the word out about our benefit and we would love to have anyone who could make it show up to the event! I also wanted to tell you that 100% of the funds go straight to the family!
    So again, thank you for everything you are doing and rest assured, all donations end up straight to Neilan and family!
  9. Fair warning, I'm going to bump this a couple times until Sat evening.
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  10. I have a classified listed FS Orvis CFO IV.
    I originally put '15% to Project Healing Waters' in the title.
    I will donate an additional 15% to this family.
    I have a 9yr old and it breaks my heart to think of this happening in my family.
    Best Karma to all of you!
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  11. Thanks steelydan!
  12. Donation sent.
  13. Donation sent!
  14. Thanks Kerry and Nick.
  15. Josh, I am happy to donate a fishing trip to this fundraiser as well. Let me know how to do that via personal messages.
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  16. PM incoming Bob. You rule!

  17. Josh, My 2 emails to Ed and Scott, at The Confluence Fly Shop, have been returned as "permanently failed". Please advise.
  18. Sent you a PM with some other contact info. I have no idea why their shop emails aren't working. Computers, you know? But I'll swing into the shop tomorrow and let them know.
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  19. Done.

    My parents have worked at St Jude Children's hospital in Memphis TN since 1987. If Neilan needs backup, or if remission is not achieved, St Jude covers costs and has housing close by. Most of the Pedi Leukemia protocols come from St Jude research, so if you are bombarded with fundraising stuff from Marlo Thomas and other folks around X-mas know those monies have and continue to go to outstanding science and clinical treatments.

    If you are ever in Memphis, visiting St Jude will restore your faith in humanity. The sight of seeing sick kids,really sick kids, undergoing bone marrow transplants and other chemo and XRT regimens that would floor most of us will melt your heart.

    Good luck Neilan, here's hoping you're on the water soon!

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