Time to let them go....

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dreamonafly, May 22, 2011.

  1. dreamonafly

    dreamonafly Member

    So many equipment laying around never see daylight, just realized the other day, it's laying around doing nothing-time to let it get use.. Thanks for looking


    Skagit master 1
    Skagit master 2
    view once or twice. $35each


    Sp 8wt 9' 5piece. Mint $350 sold
    Rplxi 8wt 9'6" 3piece like use $220 sold
    Z axis 8wt 9' 4piece. Like new. $375 sold
    Z axis 7100 7wt 10' 4 piece. Proudly use, but great condition $375 not for sale
    Xp 8wt 9' 4 piece mint Use once $380 sold
    Loomis glx cross current 8wt 9' 4 piece like new. $425
    Echo2 8wt 9' 4piece+ one tip Like new. $180


    Orvis battenkill v English made plus extra spool. used, rim rash, work perfect. $150

    Orvis battenkill 7/8 English made, prep 1998.. Great condition. $60 sold

    Cabelas SR2 tiny rim scratch. $100

    Redington CD 7/8. Light used. $80 trade pending

    Sage 4210 Nib. Not fish. $300 sold

    *shipping/payal included to the conus*

    Sunday is my fishing day... I will pm back ASAP.... Thanks for your interest.. Jimmy
  2. arrow1347

    arrow1347 big steelhead on a leach

    prices are too high
  3. Lugan

    Lugan Joe Streamer

    Not cool dude. If you have a pricing suggestion, send it privately in a PM.
  4. stewart dee

    stewart dee Guest

    Price looks correct. No price police allowed in the bucket. Thanks sport.
  5. Jake H

    Jake H Banned or Parked

    PM sent on the Skagit Master II
  6. LD

    LD Active Member

    Free Market = willing buyer + willing seller

    If they are to high no one will buy the items and the seller can make the choice to lower or keep.
    When you publish the Blue Book for fly fishing equipment let is know.
  7. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Arrow1347 is an expert with 34 posts started himself...all in the classified section to sell items.

    I have purchsed and sold many items here and think these prices are a very fair starting point for quality gear. If I think that I want one and can strike a deal with the seller, great. That is between the seller and the buyer...not the competitor or critic.
  8. dreamonafly

    dreamonafly Member

    Hello arrow1347

    Just got back from beach fishing, awesome day.. I am more than welcome any offer, as anyone on here brought from me before can absolutely tell you, my stuffs are in primo condition, and well care for.. Feel free to make an offer..
  9. dreamonafly

    dreamonafly Member


    Items sold or deal pending
  10. dreamonafly

    dreamonafly Member


    Prices will now be including shipping, packaging, paypal to 48 state
  11. dreamonafly

    dreamonafly Member

    Sold items..

    Rods... xp, Sp, z axis 8wt, rplxi

    Reels... sage, battenkill 7/8

    Still some great stuffs left...trades welcome
  12. dreamonafly

    dreamonafly Member

    Redington cd7/8 trade pending

    New price

    echo 2 $150
    Or is battenkill v with extra spool. $120
  13. rivlak

    rivlak Always an Adventure

    Is the Loomis GLX Cross Current 8 Wt still Available?
  14. hpe

    hpe New Member

    do you still have these for sale?

    Loomis glx cross current 8wt 9' 4 piece like new. $425
    Cabelas SR2 tiny rim scratch. $100

    Thank you
  15. rivlak

    rivlak Always an Adventure

    Can you send me a picture of it and any other info regarding the warranty? You can email me at merrill7795@msn.com