Tiny Creeks, Huge Fish

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    I wanted to share an experience I had recently that was a truly special one. I have been searching a long time for a fish like the brown in the pictures below and the stars finally aligned to make it happen. All I will say is that it took place right here in Washington and you won't find the location easily. It took years and many a mile of walking to get to this point. It was caught on my 4wt with a 5x leader and 6x tippet with a hopper and took close to an hour to land. I had to wait until my friend Mike came to look for me because I could not land the fish myself. It didn't fit in the large net I brought but we were able to capture him with it and release him unharmed after the necessary photo and video shoot. Took lots of video from the trip and will be creating some sort of video edit from the trip in the near future. The fish measured 28". The rainbow wasn't too bad either. :)


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  2. jmara6864

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    Is it just me or is everyone having to click on the files to view them? Tried to figure out a way to make them show automatically but couldn't. If anyone knows how please comment and I will edit the post.
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    I had to click on each pic, also. Trust me, it was worth the effort . . . very nice!
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    Definitely worth the clicks - great fish.
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  5. zen leecher aka bill w

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    I had to click on the individual pictures also. Preying mantis indicates desert area. I think it's the one that was in my back yard last week.

    Nice report and pics.

    Just found the pic with the brown and it is a bruiser.
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  6. Thomas Williams

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    Great spot... Tell no one!!!!! Ever!!!!!!
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  7. Joe Goodfellow

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    Holy Toledo
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  8. WA-Fly

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    Great report!
  9. Brookie_Hunter

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    Awesome. Looks like Nunya Creek but on a different stretch of it.
  10. David Dalan

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    Everyone knows that's zoweto creek above it's mouth where it joins the columbia.

  11. Nick Clayton

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    Almost an hour? Yikes. I like a good pic as much as anyone but maybe in the future head out with stouter gear, or be willing to break off a monster.

    Nice fish nonetheless. Good on you for putting in the work.
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  12. jmara6864

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    Hard to catch spooky fish if you don't use light tippet ya know.

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  13. Nick Clayton

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    Indeed. Also difficult to release fish unharmed after fighting them for an hour. Just sayin.

  14. jmara6864

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    Yeah I would have gotten him in quicker if I had somebody else around. Tried to get him in myself but just couldn't. He seemed fine though. Went back the next day and would have definitely seen his corpse in the creek if he had gone belly up.

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  15. astrofisher

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    Maybe that's what heaven looks like. Sitting in a creek, sucking down a cold one, and catching monster trout - very cool.

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  16. Josh Johns

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    I love this post and congrats on the hard work. The best part about fishing is the exploration and the hunt. You could always throw down some money and travel to a known river to take a guided trip with the best info on how to hook the big one but it’s far more rewarding to put in the hours and find one on your own. I fish for an excuse to travel and explore new places.
    I look forward to you next report.
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  17. Patrick Gould

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    I wish I could have joined you. I haven't been so jealous since seeing Freestone's grandaddy Cutty from the Meathow!
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  18. fishunt

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    Nice fish. It goes to show u don't have to travel to other states for monster trout. Need some leg work and diligence to find them. Well done!
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  19. Nice pics; I especially like the cloud and stream views.
  20. 10incher

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    Tabled rock formations. Clearly a spring creek. I'm thinking south central to south eastern Wa. East of the Columbia by a margin but not close to the Idaho border either. Narrowed it down to about one fifty square miles? I'll find it ;)

    As mentioned... Tell no one!

    EDIT: Walla Walla valley? Wait... Tell no one.