Tiny Creeks, Huge Fish

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  1. Gaper alarm is sounding. "Fought it for almost an hour with 6x?" Give me a break. I feel bad for that poor brown trout. Probably took ten years to grow to that size and some jackass with a distended labia probably killed it for a picture.

    My buddy and I have caught dozens of browns topping 22" from that creek on 10# flouro P Line and had them in the net in under a minute with 6wts. There may not be a more unique and special fishery in the state, so next time you saddle up and ride into the desert, leave your purse at home and have some respect for the fish. What a joke.

  2. Most of that time was spent letting the fish rest in the pool while I prayed my friend would come look for me so we could net it. He swam away fine. He was there the next day too. Anyway thanks for your concern, or jealousy whichever it was.

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  3. Can you not hear yourself?

    You literally let a beautiful brown trout from a special river struggle around a small pool for almost an hour attached to your line while you waited patiently for your buddy to hopefully come find you and net it for you? That's sad shit. "I remember my first beer."

    You also said earlier in the thread that you would have seen the carcass the next day if it had died, now you say you saw it the next day? Which is it?

    Believe me guy im not jealous. But when you post an ego stroke a thon on the Internet about a special place that doesn't need more attention you are asking for it. I'm not impressed.
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  4. It's both... like I said the fish was fine. All I do is catch and release.

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  5. It's kinda funny that that the pussy an purse jokes are coming from a guy who can be quoted as saying "I like men" in other posts. :)

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  6. Just curious, what would you have done if your buddy was busy chasing tail at the local watering hole and had no interest in coming to check up on you, and subsequently helping you land that fish? You already admitted to being completely unable to do anything about it solo, so if nobody had showed at what point would you have given up and broken it off? Or would you have tied your line to a tree and let the fish gently swim around the pool while you went home for a bigger net?
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  7. Probably would have just used some dynamite.

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  8. It does make me feel good that people can enjoy an experience I had, just as I enjoy hearing and seeing those of others as well. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this post. Maybe we can go fishing together soon??

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  9. Ok guy. Carry on tiddling yourself over your heroic triumph in the desert. Edit that video up maybe you'll get famous. You are a hell of a fishermen.
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  10. How did you know??

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  11. DUDE awesome
  12. Great fish. I do understand the pride in catching a beast like that. But out of respect for all of us who enjoy the streams that are state has to offer please use more caution when posting pictures and reports about the waters in which you fish. They are only so great because the few who fish them keep quite about that.

    That's not to take anything away from your fish, but many of us have spent time getting to know waters and have caught trophy trout.... But we are not gonna show the hoards of suckers on the Internet our prize. Why you ask... Because we would like to go back next year and not have to deal with a bunch of slap dicks chucking streamers with 4wts!

    Congrats on the fish. But please use some caution when posting pictures and reports on a public forum.
  13. Thanks. Yeah I don't think I should have ever posted this thread. I have been trying to find a way to delete it.
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  14. I think you can ask a administrator and they have the authority to delete threads
  15. i definetly know this creek
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  16. I like that you needed 6x tippet to catch these spooky fish but were able to land them from a camp chair in the middle of the stream. They seem very spooky.... Either way, great fish. I would have worked it closer to the shallows and snapped a pic and broke it off if I seriously couldn't land it. I've landed countless 20+ inch browns on my own, but then again I use appropriate gear for the fish I expect to be catching. Hint: You're probably fishing some seriously spooky fish if you need less than 3x flouro tippet.
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  17. I never expected to catch something that big.
  18. That's a legitimate point and it happens, but it kind of sounded like you were hawg hunting. Just trying to give some advice for future encounters. It was a nice fish, no doubt, and you got some cool shots of fish and the creek. I guess I just can't understand the rationale behind keeping a fish hooked for so long, no matter how bad you wanted a hero shot. It seems like a fish that is fine hanging out on a leash for an hour was played to the point of exhaustion and could have been tailed and released also.
  19. No respect for that fishery or the fish in it. Truly a shame.
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